Apache Phoenix enables OLTP and operational analytics in Hadoop for low latency applications. Visit the Apache Phoenix website here. This repo contains connectors for third party libraries to access data stored in Phoenix/HBase.

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Building Apache Phoenix Connectors

This repository will build jars for the different Phoenix connectors. Phoenix 4 and Phoenix 5 versions use different Hadoop and HBase versions, and require separate versions of the connectors. Phoenix 4 requires Hadoop 2.x and HBase 1.x, while Phoenix 5 requires Hadoop 3.x and HBase 2.x The standard build process builds the connectors both for Phoenix 4 and Phoenix 5.

$ mvn package

Building against specific Phoenix version

To build a release of Phoenix Connectors which packages a specific version of Phoenix, specify the phoenix-four.version or the phoenix-five.version system property to indicate a specific Phoenix version.

Phoenix Connectors will package the same version of Phoenix used for build/test. This version is controlled by the phoenix-four.version and the phoenix-five.version system properties.

When specifying phoenix-four.version and the phoenix-five.version, also specify the HBase version to be used by the corresponding hbase-one.version and hbase-two.version system properties. Similarly you can overwrite the hadoop-two.version and the hadoop-three.version system properties if necessary.

$ mvn package -Dphoenix-five.version=5.1.0-SNAPSHOT

Running integration tests

mvn package will run the unit tests while building, but it will not run the integration test suite.

The IT suite is run when executing mvn install or mvn verify. The Phoenix version specified with phoenix-four.version and the phoenix-five.version are used for running the integration tests.

$ mvn verify -Dphoenix-four.version=4.16.0-SNAPSHOT -Dhbase-one.version=1.5.0
$ mvn install -Dphoenix-five.version=5.1.0-SNAPSHOT -Dhbase-one.version=2.1.9 -Dhadoop-three.version=3.0.3

Skipping Phoenix 4/5 modules

You can specify -Dskip-phoenix4 or -Dskip-phoenix5 system property to skip building the connectors for Phoenix 4 or Phoenix 5 altogether. It is useful to reduce the feedback time while working on a change for a specific Phoenix version or when you don't actually need the connectors for both Phoenix 4 and 5.

mvn clean package -DskipTests -Dskip-phoenix4