Committers (in aplhabetical order):

NameApache Idgithub idJIRA id
Aniket Mokashianiket486aniket486
Brock Nolandbrockbrockn
Chris Aniszczykcaniszczyk
Dmitriy Ryaboydvryaboydvryaboy
Jake Farrelljfarrell
Jonathan Coveneyjcoveneyjcoveney
Julien Le Demjulienjulienledemjulienledem
Lukas Nalezeneclukaslukasnalezenec
Marcel Kornackermarcel
Mickael Lacourmlacourmickaellcr
Nong Linongnongli
Remy PecqueurrpecqueurLordshinjo
Ryan Bluebluerdblue
Tianshuo Dengtianshuotsdeng
Tom Whitetomwhitetomwhite
Wesley Graham Peckwesleypeckwesleypeck

Reviewing guidelines: Committers have the responsibility to give constructive and timely feedback on the pull requests. Anybody can give feedback on a pull request but only committers can merge it.

First things to look at in a Pull Request:

  • Is there a corresponding JIRA, and is it mentioned in the description? If not ask the contributor to make one.
  • If a JIRA is open, make sure it is assigned to the contributor. (they need to have the contributor role here:
  • Is it an uncontroversial change that looks good (has apropriate tests and the build is succesful)? => merge it
  • Is it something that requires the attention of committers with a specific expertise? => mention those committers by their github id in the pull request.