Make sure you have checked all steps below.



  • [ ] My PR adds the following unit tests OR does not need testing for this extremely good reason:


  • [ ] My commits all reference Jira issues in their subject lines. In addition, my commits follow the guidelines from “How to write a good git commit message”:
    1. Subject is separated from body by a blank line
    2. Subject is limited to 50 characters (not including Jira issue reference)
    3. Subject does not end with a period
    4. Subject uses the imperative mood (“add”, not “adding”)
    5. Body wraps at 72 characters
    6. Body explains “what” and “why”, not “how”


  • [ ] In case of new functionality, my PR adds documentation that describes how to use it.
    • All the public functions and the classes in the PR contain Javadoc that explain what it does