Committers (in alphabetical order):

The official list of committers can be found here: Apache Parquet Committers and PMC

Below is more information about each committer (in alphabetical order). If this information becomes out of date, please send a PR to update!

NameApache Idgithub idJIRA id
Alex Levensonalexlevenson@isnotinvainalexlevenson
Aniket Mokashianiket486@aniket486
Brock Nolandbrock@brockn
Cheng Lianlian@lianchengliancheng
Chris Aniszczykcaniszczyk@caniszczyk
Chris Mattmannmattmann@chrismattmann
Daniel C. Weeksdweeks@danielcweeks
Dmitriy Ryaboydvryaboy@dvryaboy
Jake Farrelljfarrell
Jonathan Coveneyjcoveney@jcoveney
Julien Le Demjulien@julienledemjulienledem
Lukas Nalezeneclukas@lukasnalezenec
Marcel Kornackermarcel@mkornacker
Mickael Lacourmlacour@mickaellcr
Nong Linong@nongli
Remy Pecqueurrpecqueur@Lordshinjo
Roman Shaposhnikrvs@rvs
Ryan Blueblue@rdblue
Sergio Penaspena@spenaspena
Tianshuo Dengtianshuo@tsdeng
Todd Lipcontodd@toddlipcon
Tom Whitetomwhite@tomwhite
Wes McKinneywesm@wesm
Wesley Graham Peckwesleypeck@wesleypeck
Xinli Shangshangxinli@shangxinli

Reviewing guidelines:

Committers have the responsibility to give constructive and timely feedback on the pull requests. Anybody can give feedback on a pull request but only committers can merge it.

First things to look at in a Pull Request:

  • Is there a corresponding JIRA, and is it mentioned in the description? If not ask the contributor to make one.
  • If a JIRA is open, make sure it is assigned to the contributor. (they need to have the contributor role here:
  • Is it an uncontroversial change that looks good (has apropriate tests and the build is succesful)? => merge it
  • Is it something that requires the attention of committers with a specific expertise? => mention those committers by their github id in the pull request.