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  2. changelog
  3. release-candidate
  5. verify-release-candidate
  6. verify-release-candidate.bat

How to release

  1. Do a fresh git clone of the repository using the ASF git as origin.
  2. Set the git author to your gpg signing key.
  3. Create an RC using ./dev/release/release-candidate -r <rcNum> -v <version> starting with rcNum=0. You could first do a dry-run by adding -p at the end.
  4. Check that the uploaded RC is valid using ./dev/release/verify-release-candidate <version> <rcNum>.
  5. Send the generated mail to
  6. Wait for the vote to end, either proceed to the next step or abort the RC and continue with the necessary fixes.
  7. In the release SVN, copy the contents of the RC folder into the release folder.
  8. Delete the previous parquet-cpp release from SVN.
  9. Cherry-pick the commits in the master-after-X branch into master.
  10. Send out the release mail to and