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// Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
// or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
// distributed with this work for additional information
// regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
// to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
// "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
// with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
// software distributed under the License is distributed on an
// KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the
// specific language governing permissions and limitations
// under the License.
#include <vector>
#include "parquet/column_page.h"
#include "parquet/encoding.h"
#include "parquet/file/metadata.h"
#include "parquet/properties.h"
#include "parquet/schema.h"
#include "parquet/statistics.h"
#include "parquet/types.h"
#include "parquet/util/memory.h"
#include "parquet/util/visibility.h"
namespace arrow {
class BitWriter;
class RleEncoder;
} // namespace arrow
namespace parquet {
class PARQUET_EXPORT LevelEncoder {
static int MaxBufferSize(Encoding::type encoding, int16_t max_level,
int num_buffered_values);
// Initialize the LevelEncoder.
void Init(Encoding::type encoding, int16_t max_level, int num_buffered_values,
uint8_t* data, int data_size);
// Encodes a batch of levels from an array and returns the number of levels encoded
int Encode(int batch_size, const int16_t* levels);
int32_t len() {
if (encoding_ != Encoding::RLE) {
throw ParquetException("Only implemented for RLE encoding");
return rle_length_;
int bit_width_;
int rle_length_;
Encoding::type encoding_;
std::unique_ptr<::arrow::RleEncoder> rle_encoder_;
std::unique_ptr<::arrow::BitWriter> bit_packed_encoder_;
static constexpr int WRITE_BATCH_SIZE = 1000;
class PARQUET_EXPORT ColumnWriter {
ColumnWriter(ColumnChunkMetaDataBuilder*, std::unique_ptr<PageWriter>,
bool has_dictionary, Encoding::type encoding,
const WriterProperties* properties);
static std::shared_ptr<ColumnWriter> Make(ColumnChunkMetaDataBuilder*,
const WriterProperties* properties);
Type::type type() const { return descr_->physical_type(); }
const ColumnDescriptor* descr() const { return descr_; }
* Closes the ColumnWriter, commits any buffered values to pages.
* @return Total size of the column in bytes
int64_t Close();
int64_t rows_written() const { return rows_written_; }
virtual std::shared_ptr<Buffer> GetValuesBuffer() = 0;
// Serializes Dictionary Page if enabled
virtual void WriteDictionaryPage() = 0;
// Checks if the Dictionary Page size limit is reached
// If the limit is reached, the Dictionary and Data Pages are serialized
// The encoding is switched to PLAIN
virtual void CheckDictionarySizeLimit() = 0;
// Plain-encoded statistics of the current page
virtual EncodedStatistics GetPageStatistics() = 0;
// Plain-encoded statistics of the whole chunk
virtual EncodedStatistics GetChunkStatistics() = 0;
// Merges page statistics into chunk statistics, then resets the values
virtual void ResetPageStatistics() = 0;
// Adds Data Pages to an in memory buffer in dictionary encoding mode
// Serializes the Data Pages in other encoding modes
void AddDataPage();
// Serializes Data Pages
void WriteDataPage(const CompressedDataPage& page);
// Write multiple definition levels
void WriteDefinitionLevels(int64_t num_levels, const int16_t* levels);
// Write multiple repetition levels
void WriteRepetitionLevels(int64_t num_levels, const int16_t* levels);
// RLE encode the src_buffer into dest_buffer and return the encoded size
int64_t RleEncodeLevels(const Buffer& src_buffer, ResizableBuffer* dest_buffer,
int16_t max_level);
// Serialize the buffered Data Pages
void FlushBufferedDataPages();
ColumnChunkMetaDataBuilder* metadata_;
const ColumnDescriptor* descr_;
std::unique_ptr<PageWriter> pager_;
bool has_dictionary_;
Encoding::type encoding_;
const WriterProperties* properties_;
LevelEncoder level_encoder_;
::arrow::MemoryPool* allocator_;
ChunkedAllocator pool_;
// The total number of values stored in the data page. This is the maximum of
// the number of encoded definition levels or encoded values. For
// non-repeated, required columns, this is equal to the number of encoded
// values. For repeated or optional values, there may be fewer data values
// than levels, and this tells you how many encoded levels there are in that
// case.
int64_t num_buffered_values_;
// The total number of stored values. For repeated or optional values, this
// number may be lower than num_buffered_values_.
int64_t num_buffered_encoded_values_;
// Total number of rows written with this ColumnWriter
int rows_written_;
// Records the total number of bytes written by the serializer
int64_t total_bytes_written_;
// Flag to check if the Writer has been closed
bool closed_;
// Flag to infer if dictionary encoding has fallen back to PLAIN
bool fallback_;
std::unique_ptr<InMemoryOutputStream> definition_levels_sink_;
std::unique_ptr<InMemoryOutputStream> repetition_levels_sink_;
std::shared_ptr<ResizableBuffer> definition_levels_rle_;
std::shared_ptr<ResizableBuffer> repetition_levels_rle_;
std::shared_ptr<ResizableBuffer> uncompressed_data_;
std::shared_ptr<ResizableBuffer> compressed_data_;
std::vector<CompressedDataPage> data_pages_;
void InitSinks();
// API to write values to a single column. This is the main client facing API.
template <typename DType>
class PARQUET_EXPORT TypedColumnWriter : public ColumnWriter {
typedef typename DType::c_type T;
TypedColumnWriter(ColumnChunkMetaDataBuilder* metadata,
std::unique_ptr<PageWriter> pager, Encoding::type encoding,
const WriterProperties* properties);
// Write a batch of repetition levels, definition levels, and values to the
// column.
void WriteBatch(int64_t num_values, const int16_t* def_levels,
const int16_t* rep_levels, const T* values);
/// Write a batch of repetition levels, definition levels, and values to the
/// column.
/// In comparision to WriteBatch the length of repetition and definition levels
/// is the same as of the number of values read for max_definition_level == 1.
/// In the case of max_definition_level > 1, the repetition and definition
/// levels are larger than the values but the values include the null entries
/// with definition_level == (max_definition_level - 1). Thus we have to differentiate
/// in the parameters of this function if the input has the length of num_values or the
/// _number of rows in the lowest nesting level_.
/// In the case that the most inner node in the Parquet is required, the _number of rows
/// in the lowest nesting level_ is equal to the number of non-null values. If the
/// inner-most schema node is optional, the _number of rows in the lowest nesting level_
/// also includes all values with definition_level == (max_definition_level - 1).
/// @param num_values number of levels to write.
/// @param def_levels The Parquet definiton levels, length is num_values
/// @param rep_levels The Parquet repetition levels, length is num_values
/// @param valid_bits Bitmap that indicates if the row is null on the lowest nesting
/// level. The length is number of rows in the lowest nesting level.
/// @param valid_bits_offset The offset in bits of the valid_bits where the
/// first relevant bit resides.
/// @param values The values in the lowest nested level including
/// spacing for nulls on the lowest levels; input has the length
/// of the number of rows on the lowest nesting level.
void WriteBatchSpaced(int64_t num_values, const int16_t* def_levels,
const int16_t* rep_levels, const uint8_t* valid_bits,
int64_t valid_bits_offset, const T* values);
std::shared_ptr<Buffer> GetValuesBuffer() override {
return current_encoder_->FlushValues();
void WriteDictionaryPage() override;
void CheckDictionarySizeLimit() override;
EncodedStatistics GetPageStatistics() override;
EncodedStatistics GetChunkStatistics() override;
void ResetPageStatistics() override;
int64_t WriteMiniBatch(int64_t num_values, const int16_t* def_levels,
const int16_t* rep_levels, const T* values);
int64_t WriteMiniBatchSpaced(int64_t num_values, const int16_t* def_levels,
const int16_t* rep_levels, const uint8_t* valid_bits,
int64_t valid_bits_offset, const T* values,
int64_t* num_spaced_written);
typedef Encoder<DType> EncoderType;
// Write values to a temporary buffer before they are encoded into pages
void WriteValues(int64_t num_values, const T* values);
void WriteValuesSpaced(int64_t num_values, const uint8_t* valid_bits,
int64_t valid_bits_offset, const T* values);
std::unique_ptr<EncoderType> current_encoder_;
typedef TypedRowGroupStatistics<DType> TypedStats;
std::unique_ptr<TypedStats> page_statistics_;
std::unique_ptr<TypedStats> chunk_statistics_;
typedef TypedColumnWriter<BooleanType> BoolWriter;
typedef TypedColumnWriter<Int32Type> Int32Writer;
typedef TypedColumnWriter<Int64Type> Int64Writer;
typedef TypedColumnWriter<Int96Type> Int96Writer;
typedef TypedColumnWriter<FloatType> FloatWriter;
typedef TypedColumnWriter<DoubleType> DoubleWriter;
typedef TypedColumnWriter<ByteArrayType> ByteArrayWriter;
typedef TypedColumnWriter<FLBAType> FixedLenByteArrayWriter;
extern template class PARQUET_EXPORT TypedColumnWriter<BooleanType>;
extern template class PARQUET_EXPORT TypedColumnWriter<Int32Type>;
extern template class PARQUET_EXPORT TypedColumnWriter<Int64Type>;
extern template class PARQUET_EXPORT TypedColumnWriter<Int96Type>;
extern template class PARQUET_EXPORT TypedColumnWriter<FloatType>;
extern template class PARQUET_EXPORT TypedColumnWriter<DoubleType>;
extern template class PARQUET_EXPORT TypedColumnWriter<ByteArrayType>;
extern template class PARQUET_EXPORT TypedColumnWriter<FLBAType>;
} // namespace parquet