Container image to provide runtime environment for developing and testing Apache Ozone

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Apache Ozone runner base image

This is the base image to run Apache Hadoop Ozone in docker containers. This is only for test/develop and not for production.

The container doesn't include any Ozone specific jar files or release artifacts just an empty environment which includes all the specific tools to run and test Apache Ozone inside containers.

The image is available as apache/ozone-runner. Build is managed by Docker Hub.


To build the image, please use:

docker build -t apache/ozone-runner:dev .

To test it, build Apache Ozone:

mvn clean verify -DskipTests -Dskip.npx -DskipShade -Ddocker.ozone-runner.version=dev

And start the compose cluster:

cd hadoop-ozone/dist/target/ozone-*/compose/ozone
docker-compose up -d

*After merging PR, a new tag should pushed to the repository to create a new image. Use the convention: YYYYMMDD-N for tags where N is a daily counter (see the existing tags as an example).

After tag is published (and built by Docker Hub), the used runner version can be updated by modifying the docker.ozone-runner.version version in hadoop-ozone/dist/pom.xml