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Apache Ozone build environment

This repository contains the definition of a helper container for building Apache Ozone

Container contains all the required dependencies (and some cached artifacts).

Used by some of the Github Actions of the main Ozone repository.

The image is available as apache/ozone-build. Build is managed by Docker Hub.


To build the image, please use:

docker build -t apache/ozone-build:dev .

To test it, you can test any build step inside the container:

docker -it -v `pwd`:/opt/ozone` bash
cd /opt/ozone
mvn clean install -DskipTests

Note: the image assumes that the Ozone source tree (pwd in our example) is writted by the user with id=1000.

*After merging PR, a new tag can be pushed to the repository to create a new image. Use the convention: YYYYMMDD-N for tags where N is a daily counter (see the existing tags as an example).