OpenWhisk samples

Here is a list of OpenWhisk community resources, which includes more samples, complete OpenWhisk applications, articles, tutorials, podcasts and much more.

OpenWhisk Hello World example

To get started with OpenWhisk, try the following JavaScript code example.

 * Hello world as an OpenWhisk action.
function main(params) {
    var name = || 'World';
    return {payload:  'Hello, ' + name + '!'};

To use this example, follow these steps:

  1. Save the code to a file. For example, hello.js.

  2. From the OpenWhisk CLI command line, create the action by entering this command:

    $ wsk action create hello hello.js
  3. Then, invoke the action by entering the following commands.

    $ wsk action invoke hello --result

    This command outputs:

        "payload": "Hello, World!"
    $ wsk action invoke hello --result --param name Fred

    This command outputs:

        "payload": "Hello, Fred!"

You can also use the event-driven capabilities in OpenWhisk to invoke this action in response to events. Follow the alarm service example to configure an event source to invoke the hello action every time a periodic event is generated.

CLI tutorial

If you prefer learning while doing, consider using this OpenWhisk Workshop.