Potential Future Enhancements

Web actions potential future enhancements

It is worthwhile to consider how to make several of the features currently offered by web actions more generally available to all action. It may also be useful to generalize the web-export annotation to provide additional control over which HTTP methods an action is prepared the handle and similarly which content types it supports. One can imagine doing this with a richer web-export annotation which may define at least these additional properties:

  1. methods: array of HTTP methods accepted.
  2. extensions: array of supported extensions.
  3. authentication: one of {"none", "builtin"} where none is for anonymous access and builtin for OpenWhisk authentication.

As in -a web-export '{ "methods": ["get", "post"], "extensions": ["http"], "authentication": "none" }' for a web action that only accepts get and post requests, handled .http extensions only, and permits anonymous access. A richer set of annotations will allow the controller to reject requests early if a web action does not support a particular method for example. The current implementation will accept get, post, put and delete HTTP methods without discrimination for any web action.