Using OpenWhisk-enabled services

In OpenWhisk, a catalog of packages gives you an easy way to enhance your app with useful capabilities, and to access external services in the ecosystem. Examples of external services that are OpenWhisk-enabled include Cloudant, The Weather Company, Slack, and GitHub.

The catalog is available as packages in the /whisk.system namespace. See Browsing packages for information about how to browse the catalog by using the command line tool.

Existing packages in catalog

/whisk.system/alarmsPackage to create periodic triggers
/whisk.system/cloudantPackage to work with Cloudant NoSQL DB service
/whisk.system/githubPackage to create webhook triggers for GitHub
/whisk.system/messagingPackage to work with Message Hub service
/whisk.system/pushnotificationsPackage to work with Push Notification service
/whisk.system/slackPackage to post to the Slack APIs
/whisk.system/watson-translatorPackage for text translation and language identification
/whisk.system/watson-speechToTextPackage to convert speech into text
/whisk.system/watson-textToSpeechPackage to convert text into speech
/whisk.system/weatherPackage to work with Weather Company Data service
/whisk.system/websocketPackage to work with a Web Socket server