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Running Tests

This module hosts all the unit and integration test for this repo. Command examples given below are meant to be executed from project root.

To run all tests

$ ./gradlew tests:test

This requires the OpenWhisk system to be setup and running locally.

Running Unit Tests

To just run the unit tests

$ ansible-playbook -i ansible/environments/local ansible/properties.yml
$ ./gradlew tests:testUnit

Running System Basic Tests

To just run system basic test against an existing running setup you can pass on the server details and auth via system properties

$ ./gradlew :tests:testSystemBasic -Dwhisk.auth="23bc46b1-71f6-4ed5-8c54-816aa4f8c502:123zO3xZCLrMN6v2BKK1dXYFpXlPkccOFqm12CdAsMgRU4VrNZ9lyGVCGuMDGIwP" -Dwhisk.server=https://localhost -Dopenwhisk.home=`pwd`


  • whisk.auth - Auth key for a test user account. For a setup using default credentials it can be guest key. (env WHISK_AUTH)
  • whisk.server - Edge Host Url of the OpenWhisk setup. (env WHISK_SERVER)
  • opnewhisk.home - Base directory of your OpenWhisk source tree. (env OPENWHISK_HOME)

If required you can relax the SSL check by passing -Dwhisk.ssl.relax=true. All these properties can also be provided via env variables.