Swift playground action feature with dynamic library (#23)

* import form swift3action from OPenWhisk for local testing

* test swift snippets for playground REPL

* modify Package.swift to build dynamic libraries - currently only for
SwiftyJSON as that is the only one without issues ….

* build and run docker image with REPL playground inside

* tests and current status

* how output in README

* added license to test files
23 files changed
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Collection of OpenWhisk tools for OS X implemented in Swift 3.

Inside this Repo there are three projects. Click into any directories to see more information about each project.

OpenWhisk Xcode Extension

The OpenWhisk Xcode Source Editor Extension interfaces directly with OpenWhisk Playgrounds in order to test Swift OpenWhisk functions quickly.

WhiskBot - OpenWhisk Watson Conversation Chatbot

An iOS chatbot application that uses OpenWhisk actions as middleware. WhiskBot has the ability to translate messages, using a translation OpenWhisk Action and post to Slack.


A CLI tool that allows developers to install OpenWhisk “projects” into the OpenWhisk backend. A project contains sets of actions (JS and Swift), triggers, and rules which can be installed with a single command wsktool install. You can do the opposite with wsktool uninstall. You can see an example of an OpenWhisk project here.