The wskdeploy utility works primarily with the OpenWhisk Package resource as described in the OpenWhisk Packaging Specification.

Creating a minimal OpenWhisk Package

Start with a Package Manifest (YAML) file

The wskdeploy utility mainly uses a single YAML file, called a “Package Manifest”, to describe all the OpenWhisk components that make up your OpenWhisk Package including Actions, Triggers, Rules, etc.


The minimal manifest file would include only a package declaration, a version number and a license for the package:

    version: 1.0
    license: Apache-2.0

Save this into a file called "manifest.yaml" in a directory of your choice.


using the project path

Simply execute the wskdeploy utility binary against the directory you saved your “manifest.yaml” file in by pointing it to the package location using the -p flag.

$ wskdeploy -p <my_directory>

wskdeploy will automatically look for any file named "manifest.yaml" or "manifest.yml" in the directory it is pointed; however, the manifest file can be called anything as long as it has a .yaml or .yml extension and passed on the command line using the -m flag.

using a named manifest file

If you called your manifest “manifest_helloworld.yaml” (not using the default manifest.yaml name) and placed it in a directory below your project directory, you could simply provide the project-relative path to the manifest file as follows:

$ wskdeploy -p <my_directory> -m docs/examples/manifest_package_minimal.yaml

Dry Run mode

If you want to simply verify your manifest file can be read and parsed properly before deploying, you can add the --preview flag:

$ ./wskdeploy --preview -m docs/examples/manifest_package_minimal.yaml

and the utility will stop, show you all the OpenWhisk package components it will deploy from your manifest.

Name: hello_world_package


You can use the Whisk CLI to confirm your package was created:

$ wsk package list



  • The package ‘hello_world_package’ was created in the user's default namespace at their target OpenWhisk provider.
  • Currently, OpenWhisk does not yet support the ‘version’ or ‘license’ fields, but are planned for future versions. However, their values will be validated against the specification.

Source code

The source code for the manifest and JavaScript files can be found here:


For convenience, the Packages grammar can be found here: