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How to generate the file i18n_resources.go for internationalization

As a contributor to wskdeploy, the file i18n_resources.go needs to regenerated, when you add or change any localized message.

Install go-bindata

In order to generate i18n_resources.go, you need to install go-bindata first:

$ go get -u

Generate i18n_resources.go

Then, go the HOME directory of wskdeploy and run the following command:

$ $GOPATH/bin/go-bindata -pkg wski18n -o wski18n/i18n_resources.go wski18n/resources;

Finally, add the default ASF license header to i18n_resources.go. Since each file of source code starts with the ASF license header, you need to add it to i18n_resources.go each time it is regenerated. You can find this license header in any other file of source code, e.g. i18n.go.