• support credentials stored in .env file and Adobe I/O Runtime variables #72
  • support reading package name from WSK_PACKAGE env var #10
  • support custom docker host IPs #67
  • add -q/—quiet option #56 #68
  • [nodejs] pass through DEBUG, NODE_DEBUG environment variables #43


  • use docker api client instead of docker child process #54
  • drop concurrency api check for performance #58
  • nicer console ui using spinner #8
  • performance: load action sources lazily on container #53
  • validate source path etc. before async installation of agent #52
  • improve startup and shutdown speed #41
  • make ngrok an optional dependency #22


  • warn if new incompatible vs code debugger is invoking in and document workaround #76
  • detect if debug port is already used, e.g. by left over container #59
  • fix activation DB agent on Adobe I/O Runtime requiring X-OW-EXTRA-LOGGING header #49
  • ignore 503 errors with activation db agent #44
  • include hidden --ignoreCerts option in usage info #42
  • restoring action sometimes fails from vscode, then on next run polling fails #25
  • fix concurrency error when using wskdebug with IBM Cloud Functions #7
  • [nodejs] mount-require is only reloading the main source file, not any other required files #9


  • Initial release under new Apache OpenWhisk ownership and new name @openwhisk/wskdebug