fix node_modules exclusion glob that made tests fail on Linux sometimes (#35)

because it was watching all files in the node_modules folder for the test:
should invoke action when a source file changes and -P is set when source-path points to directory
diff --git a/src/watcher.js b/src/watcher.js
index 8488ffa..4e0fd91 100644
--- a/src/watcher.js
+++ b/src/watcher.js
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
             this.liveReloadServer = livereload.createServer({
                 port: this.argv.livereloadPort,
                 noListen: !this.argv.livereload,
-                exclusions: [this.argv.buildPath, "node_modules/**"],
+                exclusions: [this.argv.buildPath, "**/node_modules/**", "**/.*"],
                 exts: this.argv.watchExts || ["json", "js", "ts", "coffee", "py", "rb", "erb", "go", "java", "scala", "php", "swift", "rs", "cs", "bal", "php", "php5"],
                 extraExts: []