1.16.0 (next release)

  • removed build for go1.11 and go1.12
  • updated examples
  • added go 1.13 and 1.14 with Go modules
  • upgraded to go 1.12.17
  • add ‘apt-get upgrade’ to the image build to get latest security fixes during each build, for the case the base images are not updated frequently
  • added OW_WAIT_FOR_ACK such at if true, the proxy waits for an acknowledgement from the action on startup
  • added OW_EXECUTION_ENV to validate the execution environment before starting an action
  • write compilation logs to standard out


  • added OW_ACTION_VERSION to action environment (PR#113)
  • propagate API_HOST from parent to child process (PR#115)


  • Removed the -incubation
  • Now all runtimes use source release so no more actionloop-v2, renamed to actionloop-base
  • upgraded to go 1.12.9 and 1.11.13

Actionloop v2


  • renamed actionloop docker image to actionloop-v2 Docker Images Support
  • static build of the executable docker image, so actionloop can be used also in alpine images ActionLoop for Scripting Languages
  • any script starting with ‘#!’ is recognized as executable
  • now the -compile will zip the entire directory of the bin directory after compilation
  • if you upload a folder src/exec the entire directory is moved to bin, including other uploaded files
  • Support for Go 1.12.4
  • Support for jar not expanded for Java when set OW_SAVE_JAR
  • You can initalize multiple times when debugging
  • Removed gogradle plugin, now building directly with go

ActionLoop v1.0.1

  • embedded file type detection
  • now showing the commend
  • librdkafka in golang image
  • showing version numbuer with -debug