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  2. openwhisk-catalog/
  3. openwhisk-cli/
  4. openwhisk-client-go/
  5. openwhisk-runtime-docker/
  6. openwhisk-runtime-java/
  7. openwhisk-runtime-nodejs/
  8. openwhisk-runtime-php/
  9. openwhisk-runtime-python/
  10. openwhisk-runtime-swift/
  11. openwhisk-wskdeploy/
  12. openwhisk/

Archives of Apache OpenWhisk binary dependencies

The directory contains all the legacy regarding OpenWhisk legal information, including but not limited to the LICENSE and NOTICE files. OpenWhisk depends on many other packages in order to deliver its services. All the dependencies are consolidated under this directory on a repository-to-repository basis. For any further changes of OpenWhisk dependencies, please update the legal files here for the related projects accordingly.