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Developer tools for OpenWhisk

License Build Status

This repository is part of Apache OpenWhisk and provides developer tools that help with local development, testing and operation of OpenWhisk.


  • docker-compose allows testing OpenWhisk locally, using Docker Compose. This is ideal if you are contributing to core development
  • java-action-archetype This archetype helps to generate the Java Action template project.
  • node-local allows testing individual OpenWhisk functions locally, using only node.js. This is ideal if you are writing node.js functions to run in OpenWhisk, but need to emulate some of OpenWhisk's behavior in creating params and expecting promises.
  • maven-java allows testing OpenWhisk Java Actions. This shows how to package the function dependencies e.g. external jar.
  • knative-build contains Knative Build Templates along with modified versions of their respective OpenWhisk Action Runtimes that can be used to Build and Serve Knative compatible applications on Kubernetes.
  • actionloop-starter-kit contains a starter kit to build a new runtime using the ActionLoop proxy used in Go, Swift, PHP, Python and Rust runtimes.

Travis builds

Each tool in this repository has to provide travis build scripts inside a .travis folder. The folder should define 2 scripts:

  • setup.sh - invoked during before_install phase
  • build.sh - invokes during script phase

For an example check out docker-compose/.travis folder.