[DEPRECATED] - REST API of OpenWhisk can be used directly from Python

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OpenWhisk Client for Python

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There is no official Python client for Apache OpenWhisk at the moment. However, the REST API of OpenWhisk can be used directly from Python. Here is an example of Python code using the requests library to invoke echo action in OpenWhisk (using IBM's Bluemix as a target host):

import subprocess
import requests

APIHOST = 'https://openwhisk.ng.bluemix.net'
AUTH_KEY = subprocess.check_output("wsk property get --auth", shell=True).split()[2]
NAMESPACE = 'whisk.system'
ACTION = 'utils/echo'
PARAMS = {'myKey':'myValue'}
BLOCKING = 'true'
RESULT = 'true'

url = APIHOST + '/api/v1/namespaces/' + NAMESPACE + '/actions/' + ACTION
user_pass = AUTH_KEY.split(':')
response = requests.post(url, json=PARAMS, params={'blocking': BLOCKING, 'result': RESULT}, auth=(user_pass[0], user_pass[1]))

Swagger documentation for full API is available here.

There is an open issue to create a Python client library to make this easier.

NOTE: This repository used to comprise an OpenWhisk CLI written in Python. The CLI has been superseded by a version written in Go.