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For now please use OpenWebBeans mailing-lists, JIRA and IRC channel.
See[OpenWebBeans Community] page for more details.
== Source code
Source code can be found at
$> git clone
A mirror is available on github at
The github mirror is linked in both directions.
That means it doesn't matter whether you push to GitHub or Apache GitBox.
=== Build it
To build the project just run maven:
mvn clean install
== Example Source Code
The Apache Meecrowave community also hosts some examples which show how Meecrowave is to be used.
Those examples are hosted in a separate repository and can be found at
The github repo works fine for pull requests.
Please use our official[Meecrowave Bug Tracker] for reporting bugs or enhancement requests.
The cannonical repository hosted directly at the Apache Software Foundation intended to be used by committers is
git clone