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Apache OpenOffice Project Site -

This is the content and theme for

Contributing to the website content

You can fork from, test your changes as described below and raise a pull request.

You can simply raise a pull request with a set of simple changes.

Use the dev@openoffice.a.o mailing list to contact the OpenOffice PMC which manages this website.

Automated publishing

Commits to the main branch are automatically published using Pelican using the instructions in the .asf.yaml file. Information about .asf.yaml is found here.

Any build failures are reported to commits@openoffice.a.o mailing list.

Quick updates to a single file

Updating a single file is simple. Simply edit the file online and save with your commit message. The website will be published in a minute or two.

Prerequisites for building the website locally

The website is built using Pelican and a custom theme. The builds for the website do require internet access.

  • Install Pelican and Markdown.
  • Python 3 is used.

Clone the Git Repository

To get a copy of the repository you can either point to Gitbox or GitHub.

cd ~/Development/openoffice
rm -rf site.git
git clone site.git
git fetch
git pull
git checkout main

Building & testing the site locally

To test the site locally, use

pelican content -t theme/openoffice
pelican --listen

This builds the site, serves it locally at http://localhost:8000/.


All of the pages in the site are in Markdown in md files.

OpenOffice Theme

Pelican templates are included in the theme directory. The site templates are written in html. sidenav.html is used and was derived specially from To change the side navigation edit the html.

Pages and Assets are in the Content Tree.

All content - pages and assets are in the content tree.