Preview/blog migration (#7)

* migrating posts from Roller

* Adjusted header for blog posts:
# remove ---
# swap layout with title lines, with the goal title is first
# rename release announcements with propper Version numbers
# Fix Dev room article files for FOSDEM 17,18

* renomed the folder blog into blog entry.
removed a div blog in the_apache_openoffice_project_announce.html
removed base.html because it was ignored

* rename Folder from blog_entry to blog
this breaks local builds

* move main site pages into the pages/ sub-dir to untangle blogs

* set article layout for blog entries

* rewire static and dynamic dirs

* fix object refs for base template

* moved dther orientation and docs content
menu is now fixed on top
nav menu blog is pointing now to internal blog
added Pipfile to ignore list

* removed the top fixed menu again

* css cleanup remove the fixed header again


Co-authored-by: Chris Thistlethwaite
Co-authored-by: Daniel Gruno 
Co-authored-by: Drew Foulks 
163 files changed
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  2. theme/
  3. .asf.yaml
  4. .gitignore
  6. pelicanconf.yaml
  8. requirements.txt

Apache OpenOffice Project Site -

This is the content and theme for

Contributing to the website content

You can fork from, test your changes as described below and raise a pull request.

You can simply raise a pull request with a set of simple changes.

Use the dev@openoffice.a.o mailing list to contact the OpenOffice PMC which manages this website.

Automated publishing

Commits to the main branch are automatically published using Pelican using the instructions in the .asf.yaml file. Information about .asf.yaml is found here.

Any build failures are reported to commits@openoffice.a.o mailing list.

Quick updates to a single file

Updating a single file is simple. Simply edit the file online and save with your commit message. The website will be published in a minute or two.

For large changes create a feature branch

Create a branch named preview/* where * is the name of your new feature. For example if your feature branch is named preview/refresh then commits are automatically staged to

Once your features are ready you can create a PR and do a squash & merge.

ASF Pelican

See ASF Pelican documentation


All of the pages in the site are in Github Flavored Markdown in md files. See GFM.

OpenOffice Theme

Pelican templates are included in the theme/openoffice/templates directory. The site templates are written in html.

  • base.html is the main page template.
  • page.html extands the base template for the pages.
  • topnav.html is the navigation menu and is included.

The CSS stylesheet is in theme/openoffice/static/css/openoffice.css.

Pages and Assets are in the Content Tree.

All content - pages and assets are in the content tree.