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1 Watching a nice movie
0 The painting is ugly, will return it tomorrow...
1 One of the best soccer games, worth seeing it
1 Very tasty, not only for vegetarians
1 Super party!
0 Too early to travel..need a coffee
0 Damn..the train is late again...
0 Bad news, my flight just got cancelled.
1 Happy birthday mr. president
1 Just watch it. Respect.
1 Wonderful sunset.
1 Bravo, first title in 2014!
0 Had a bad evening, need urgently a beer.
0 I put on weight again
1 On today's show we met Angela, a woman with an amazing story
1 I fell in love again
0 I lost my keys
1 On a trip to Iceland
1 Happy in Berlin
0 I hate Mondays
1 Love the new book I reveived for Christmas
0 He killed our good mood
1 I am in good spirits again
1 This guy creates the most awesome pics ever
0 The dark side of a selfie.
1 Cool! John is back!
1 Many rooms and many hopes for new residents
0 False hopes for the people attending the meeting
1 I set my new year's resolution
0 The ugliest car ever!
0 Feeling bored
0 Need urgently a pause
1 Nice to see Ana made it
1 My dream came true
0 I didn't see that one coming
0 Sorry mate, there is no more room for you
0 Who could have possibly done this?
1 I won the challenge
0 I feel bad for what I did
1 I had a great time tonight
1 It was a lot of fun
1 Thank you Molly making this possible
0 I just did a big mistake
1 I love it!!
0 I never loved so hard in my life
0 I hate you Mike!!
0 I hate to say goodbye
1 Lovely!
1 Like and share if you feel the same
0 Never try this at home
0 Don't spoil it!
1 I love rock and roll
0 The more I hear you, the more annoyed I get
1 Finnaly passed my exam!
1 Lovely kittens
0 I just lost my appetite
0 Sad end for this movie
0 Lonely, I am so lonely
1 Beautiful morning
1 She is amazing
1 Enjoying some time with my friends
1 Special thanks to Marty
1 Thanks God I left on time
1 Greateful for a wonderful meal
1 So happy to be home
0 Hate to wait on a long queue
0 No cab available
0 Electricity outage, this is a nightmare
0 Nobody to ask about directions
1 Great game!
1 Nice trip
1 I just received a pretty flower
1 Excellent idea
1 Got a new watch. Feeling happy
0 I feel sick
0 I am very tired
1 Such a good taste
0 Such a bad taste
1 Enjoying brunch
0 I don't recommend this restaurant
1 Thank you mom for supporting me
0 I will never ever call you again
0 I just got kicked out of the contest
1 Smiling
0 Big pain to see my team loosing
0 Bitter defeat tonight
0 My bike was stollen
1 Great to see you!
0 I lost every hope for seeing him again
1 Nice dress!
1 Stop wasting my time
1 I have a great idea
1 Excited to go to the pub
1 Feeling proud
1 Cute bunnies
0 Cold winter ahead
0 Hopless struggle..
0 Ugly hat
1 Big hug and lots of love
1 I hope you have a wonderful celebration