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<cas:Sofa xmi:id="1" sofaNum="1" sofaID="_InitialView" mimeType="text" sofaString="Obama announces troop reductions in Afghanistan&#10;&#10;A third of U.S. forces in Afghanistan are to be withdrawn&#10;from the country by the end of next year, president Barack Obama&#10;has announced. In a televised statement on Wednesday evening,&#10;Obama announced 33,000 soldiers would be withdrawn from the country&#10;by the summer of next year, and declared the U.S. had beaten&#10;al-Qaeda and the Taliban.&#10;&#10;During the speech he announced the U.S. was &quot;meeting our goals&quot;&#10;to reverse the momentum of the Taliban and train the Afghan National Army,&#10;and said al-Qaeda was &quot;on a path to defeat&quot; after the death of&#10;Osama bin Laden earlier this year. Obama said that it was &quot;time&#10;to focus on nation-building here at home,&quot; and that the reduction&#10;in troops marked &quot;the beginning—but not the end—of our effort to&#10;wind down this war.&quot;&#10;&#10;U.S. civilian leaders from both the Democratic and Republican&#10;parties have voiced support for a rapid drawdown of troops—27 senators&#10;from both parties sent a letter to the president last week advocating&#10;&quot;a sizable and sustained reduction in forces.&quot; However, politicians&#10;are also angry at the huge cost of the war—currently over $2bn&#10;every week—and the U.S. public is tired of the war which has gone&#10;on ten years, leaving thousands of Americans dead.&#10;&#10;However, NATO officials are worried the president is making a&#10;big gamble with such a large scale withdrawal, and have warned&#10;the U.S. could take substantial losses in the country as &quot;fighting season&quot;&#10;begins into the summer.&#10;&#10;David Petraeus, the general who commands all U.S. forces in Afghanistan,&#10;urged a smaller withdrawal. He has reportedly refused to endorse&#10;the decision by Obama.&#10;&#10;Analysts say any setbacks in the country this year will leave&#10;Obama exposed to allegations he was too quick in his decision&#10;and was too politically motivated.&#10;"/>
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