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<cas:Sofa xmi:id="1" sofaNum="1" sofaID="_InitialView" mimeType="text" sofaString="Internet hacking group LulzSec disbands&#10;&#10;The computer hacking organization Lulz Security disbanded yesterday, said the&#10;group in a statement. Released via Pastebin, it states &quot;[o]ur planned 50 day&#10;cruise has expired, and we must now sail into the distance.&quot;&#10;&#10;The announcement comes a day after The Guardian released leaked IRC logs of&#10;private conversations between LulzSec members and days after the arrest of a&#10;British teenager in connection to the group.&#10;&#10;With the announcement the group released previously unseen private information.&#10;Included was AT&amp;T and AOL internal data, Battlefield Heros Beta user account data,&#10;and user information from the NATO bookstore. In total over 810,000 people's user&#10;information was present in this final release.&#10;&#10;LulzSec became known after they allegedly hacked the Play Station Network,&#10;rendering the service unusable. The group allegedly proceeded to hack US federal&#10;government websites such as those of the FBI and CIA. One of their last hacks&#10;targeted the Arizona Department of Public Safety in which they allegedly copied&#10;hundreds of confidential documents, some of which were marked&#10;&quot;confidential/law enforcement sensitive.&quot;&#10;&#10;While LulzSec has disbanded, copycat organizations including LulzSec Brazil&#10;and LulzSec Italy are still operational.&#10;"/>
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