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OpenNLP Testing Scripts

These are scripts useful when testing OpenNLP builds on EC2.

Directory Structure

These scripts are written expecting the following directory structure:

EC2 Instance Requirements

  • The instance must have the AWS CLI installed.
  • The scripts use SNS to send notifications so the instance must have permissions to publish SNS messages through either an instance role or via access/secret keys configured in the AWS CLI.
  • You must have an existing SNS topic configured to publish messages to and you must set the ARN in the script.

Notifications and Results

You can configure the subject, message, and destination (topic ARN) in the script. The build log will be too large (>256KB) for sending in the SNS message. You can modify the script for uploading the build results to an S3 bucket.

CloudFormation Template

The CloudFormation template can help with creating the instance.