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About Openmeetings Logo

Apache OpenMeetings provides:

  • [x] video conferencing
  • [x] instant messaging
  • [x] white board
  • [x] collaborative document editing
  • [x] other groupware tools using API functions of the Red5 Streaming Server for Remoting and Streaming.

Getting Started

Please visit the project website for the latest information:

Documentation for Installation and Upgrade:

Along with the developer mailing list archive:

System Requirements

You need a platform that supports Oracle Java SE 8.

Building and running

To build from source code:

  • Requirements:
    Sources compilation require Oracle Java SE 8.
    The project is built with Apache Maven 3.3.9 or later.
  • To build the OpenMeetings project run mvn in the root directory:
    mvn clean install -P allModules
  • To run the OpenMeetings project:
    • go to openmeetings-server/target directory
    • extract apache-openmeetings-x.x.x.tar.gz (or for windows) to new directory
    • enter to this new directory and execute (red5.bat for windows)

For a detailed documentation on how to build from source and options see:

Release Notes

see file for detailed log


Release 4.0.11, provides following improvements:


  • 3rd-party libraries are updated to latest versions
  • Email sending via SSL is added
  • User email addresses are hidden

Other fixes and improvements, 11 issues were addressed


Release 4.0.10, provides following improvements:


  • Multiple issues with restore were fixed
  • Confirmation of backup import was added
  • File/recording hashes are preserved when possible

White board:

  • Document upload/conversion is improved
  • Whiteboards are not auto-created on room enter
  • Keyboard shortcut for quick poll is added


  • User list is now sorted

Other fixes and improvements, 11 issues were addressed


Release 4.0.9, provides following improvements:


  • Recordings of deleted users were restored as public
  • OAuth configs were not properly backup

White board:

  • Math formula is improved
  • Room files are improved
  • Clean WB REST method perform real-time clean

Room User list:

  • “Ghost” users are not displayed in the room
  • External user name is displayed as expected

Other fixes and improvements, 19 issues were addressed


Release 4.0.8, provides following improvements:

Mobile client:

  • Mobile clients are displayed in user list
  • Audio/Video switching is more stable


  • VK based OAuth login is fixed
  • Integrate Wso2 Identity Server


  • Less actions for non-moderators
  • No duplicated actions are displayed

White board:

  • Video on WB works in latest Safari
  • White Out tool is added
  • Whiteboard size can be tuned
  • Link to LaTeX guide is added

Room User list:

  • Issue with user's display name is fixed
  • “Ghost” users are not displayed in the room

Other fixes and improvements, 30 issues were addressed


Release 4.0.7, provides following improvements:

  • kick function in RoomWebService is fixed
  • Reply button is added to Private Message
  • Multiple issues are fixed in Room
  • Save white board as JPG is removed
  • HttpClient in AppointmentManager is updated 3.x to 4.x
  • “endless” invitations can now be invalidated
  • Ability to chose user display name is added
  • Delete white board object using mouse is now possible
  • Ability to duplicate room poll is added
  • Health check web service API is added
  • OAuth2 authorization can be done via HTTP header
  • cliparts can be in SVG format

Other fixes and improvements, 18 issues were addressed


Release 4.0.6, provides following improvements:

  • Multiple issues with device list retrieval in Settings dialog
  • Web services were improved
  • Multiple issues with room recording
  • Frontend self registering

Other fixes and improvements, 16 issues were addressed


Release 4.0.5, provides following improvements:


  • Interview room is improved: re-designed, multiple video windows are supported
  • Multiple improvements in Admin
  • File tree is improved
  • Multiple improvements in white boards

Other fixes and improvements, 24 issues were addressed


Release 4.0.4, provides following improvements:

The purpose of this release is to provide GDPR compatible version of OpenMeetings


  • Performance is improved
  • Audio/Video streams were not closed in IE
  • File conversion on Windows is improved

Other fixes and improvements, 9 issues were fixed


Release 4.0.3, provides following improvements:

Security fix in Calendar


  • Performance was improved
  • Issues with audio/video were fixed
  • Quick poll was added

Multiple improvements in web services

Other fixes and improvements, 13 issues were fixed


Release 4.0.2, provides following improvements:

Security fixes in Chat and Admin


  • Send on Enter/Ctrl+Enter
  • Invited guest's name displayed as expected
  • Turned OFF global chat is not displayed
  • Link works as expected
  • Smiles works as expected
  • Hover removed from chat


  • Download as PDF
  • Download/screen-sharing application in IE
  • No duplicated users
  • Activities&Actions improved
  • Number of users is displayed in the room
  • Mathematical formulas on WB

Other fixes and improvements, 32 issues were fixed


Release 4.0.1, provides following improvements:

  • Openlaszlo code is removed
  • Login via OAuth is improved
  • External video source is room is fixed
  • Multiple improvements of White-board
  • Multiple improvements of Chat
  • JS/CSS files are minified and merged to reduce load time
  • Overall stability is improved

Other fixes and improvements, 43 issues were fixed


Release 4.0.0, provides following improvements:

  • Room White board is rewritten to use HTML5 instead of Flash
  • All Audio/Video components were rewritten using Apache Flex
  • Bunch of automatic tests were written, code was cleaned-up and simplified
  • outdated SMSlib was removed from the dependencies
  • RTL in room is improved
  • swftool 3rd party tool is not required any more
  • OAuth authorization is fixed additional VK provider is added
  • language resources are minimized
  • performance is improved


  • config keys are generalized
  • config types are introduced

Other fixes and improvements, 515 issues were fixed


Release 3.3.2, provides following improvements:

  • Audio/Video in conference room is fixed
  • Strong password is enforced during self registration
  • ‘’ should work as expected
  • New Setting is added ‘user can create rooms’

Other fixes and improvements, 8 issues were fixed


Release 3.3.1, provides following improvements:

  • Clustering works as expected
  • SIP works as expected
  • Multiple issues in web services were fixed
  • RTMPT mode is fixed
  • Multiple UI improvements

Other fixes and improvements, 19 issues were fixed


Release 3.3.0, provides following improvements:

Security fixes in:

  • Chat
  • All requests via security headers
  • More secure password processing rules and storage
  • More strict rules for uploaded files
  • SQL injection in web services

11 security vulnerabilities were addressed


  • Room is displayed without overlap in IE
  • Multiple display issues
  • Wb room element can now be hidden

Other fixes and improvements, 21 issues were fixed


Service release 1 for 3.2.0, provides following improvements:


  • Video is more stable
  • Office files download is fixed
  • Multi-upload is added
  • External video works as expected
  • WB drawing on slides works as expected


  • chat is made resizable
  • multiple issues in chat are fixed
  • typing indicator is added


  • date/time validator is improved
  • whole group can be invited by admin to event

Other fixes and improvements, 49 issues were fixed


Licensed under Apache License 2.0 -

Also this product includes 3rd party software. See more at