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<!-- This HTML uses Frames for navigating the manual from TOC easier -->
<!-- The BASE TARGET frame is named 'display'. The same moniker appears in -->
<!-- manual-xhtml-chunk.xsl parameter 'html.base'. -->
<!-- That XSL parameter introduces a &lt;base href="display&gt; tag in the -->
<!-- &lt;head&gt; section of the generated TOC index.html. As I do not know -->
<!-- how to tweak xsl parameter to introduce a &lt;base target="display"&gt; -->
<!-- a small hack in pom.xml replaces 'base href' token to 'base target' -->
<!-- in the generated TOC index.html. -->
<BASE TARGET="display">
<FRAMESET COLS="30%,70%">
<FRAME NAME="navigator" SRC="index.html">
<FRAME NAME="display" SRC="openjpa_intro.html">
Please click <A HREF="index.html">here</A> for OpenJPA documentation because
this browser does not support frames.