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-- Oozie 3.2.1 (not released)
OOZIE-867 update version of branch-2 to 3.2.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT (tucu)
-- Oozie 3.2.0 release
OOZIE-947 Forward porting OOZIE-733 to branch 3.2.0 (Mona via virag)
OOZIE-852 remove pipes binaries from the source (tucu)
OOZIE-851 demo workflow example does not enable sharelib for pig and streaming (tucu)
OOZIE-850 apache-rat report should be a single global report file (tucu)
OOZIE-849 set version in branch-3.2 to 3.2.0-incubating (tucu)
OOZIE-852 remove pipes binaries from the source (tucu)
OOZIE-851 demo workflow example does not enable sharelib for pig and streaming (tucu)
OOZIE-850 apache-rat report should be a single global report file (tucu)
OOZIE-847 Example directory has few files without license text(Mohammad)
OOZIE-845 Delete 0 size files from repository(Mohammad)
OOZIE-833 Add Hadoop proxyuser related settings to quick start guide.(Virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-832 Rename readme.txt file to README.txt and update contents(Mohammad)
OOZIE-827 StatusTransitService fails to run if a stale reference to coord job is present (virag via tucu)
OOZIE-815 Remove select * from queries related to coord action (Virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-826 TestCoordKillXCommand's testCoordKillXCommandUniqueness testcase is failing after interrupt changes(virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-819 Interrupt map doesn't have unique set of commands for a given jobid(virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-810 Modify Oozie POM to pickup doxia 9.2y from a repo where it is avail(tucu via Mohammad)
OOZIE-241 EL function(s) to expose action output data as a (XML/JSON/PROP) blob (tucu)
OOZIE-820 Shell action to support env-var value with = sign (Mona via Mohammad)
OOZIE-825 Update oozie-sharelib-hive to use Hive 0.9.0 (virag via tucu)
OOZIE-813 Sub-workflow child job does not get group name even if parent carries.(Mona via Mohammad)
OOZIE-791 coord job status not updated to done_with_error after kill(Virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-804 TestDecisionActionExecutor failing due to uninitialized conf.(virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-805 TestCoordSubmitX failing.(Virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-803 UP Remove HadoopAccessorService createFileSystem() method that takes config only (tucu)
OOZIE-802 Add minicluster config as hadoop-site.xml for testcases (tucu)
OOZIE-796 Making the maximum number of job retrials configurable (Mohamed via Mohammad)
OOZIE-741 the size of the workflow definition file (Mohamed via Mohammad)
OOZIE-797 Action retry not reading default error code.(Mona via Mohammad)
OOZIE-780 XConfiguration parser can't parse XML file with <include> element (Virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-794 oozie job -info -filter should error out on bundle job and workflow job (virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-799 Testcases failing due to missing action-conf dir. (Virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-798 it would be nice to keep action specific configs in action-conf instead of hadoop-conf (rvs via tucu)
OOZIE-790 default concurrency value is inconsistent between doc and implementation.(Mohammad)
OOZIE-793 remove HiveMain check for HADOOP_HOME (tucu)
OOZIE-792 add default action configs per cluster (tucu)
OOZIE-624 client side improvement of authentication for user defined options
OOZIE-789 a few testcases using waitFor are timing out with YARN MiniCluster (tucu)
OOZIE-781 Xerces validator used by Java gets stuck during pattern matching (Virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-788 JavaActionExecutor should not set yarn.resourcemanager.address (tucu)
OOZIE-785 No JsonToBean mapping for coord pausetime(shwetha via Mohammad)
OOZIE-786 tomcat should stop if oozie does not start correctly (tucu)
OOZIE-779 Oozie cannot submit jobs to hadoop 0.23 if running in non-default host:port (tucu)
OOZIE-774 Implement a coord:conf EL function to access configuration properties from Oozie coordinator XML files (Maxime via Mohammad)
OOZIE-777 Hadoop 0.23 removed org.apache.hadoop.mapred.Task$Counter group name breaking EL counters() (tucu)
OOZIE-776 custom-main example is missing the activation of sharelib (tucu)
OOZIE-775 sharelibs assembly does not include deps with compile scope (tucu)
OOZIE-758 Oozie logs should record job-id for when job is submitted (Mona via Mohammad)
OOZIE-772 enable Hive and Email actions by default (rvs via tucu)
OOZIE-771 should exec instead of forking it off (rvs via tucu)
OOZIE-767 TestCoordRerun and Testrerun shoudl be deleted.(virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-768 latest Hadoop 0.23.3 minicluster is not creating /tmp in HDFS (tucu)
OOZIE-763 Add findbugs and clover plugin for CI (virag via tucu)
OOZIE-646 Doc changes: Drilldown and PigStats (params via tucu)
OOZIE-4 Configuration of Maximum output len for each action (harsh via tucu)
OOZIE-759 Fix config defaults in EmailActionExecutor (harsh via tucu)
OOZIE-675 checkMultipleTimeInstances doesn't work for EL extensions. EX: ${coord:formatTime(coord:current(0),'yyyy-MM-dd')} (sriksun via tucu)
OOZIE-749 oozie tests doesn't delete the files in tmp directories (virag via tucu)
OOZIE-761 Fixes in CoordELFunctions and testcases for Hadoop 0.23 (tucu)
OOZIE-760 needs to be able to pick up CATALINA_HOME (rvs via tucu)
OOZIE-757 hive-contrib version should use ${hive.version} (abayer via tucu)
OOZIE-274 move callback HTTP endpoint outside of the versioned WS endpoints (tucu)
OOZIE-755 remove hadoop.job.ugi and kerberos principal hardcoded injections (tucu)
OOZIE-754 remove use of group from HadoopAccessor (tucu)
OOZIE-752 if is not defined in job submission fails (tucu)
OOZIE-753 default hadoop config file does not endup in the distro and hadoop config doc typo (tucu)
OOZIE-747 HadoopAccessorService hadoop-configs should be loaded from Hadoop -site.xml files (tucu)
OOZIE-746 JobConf/Configuration creation is inconsistent and makes things fail in odd ways (tucu)
OOZIE-744 HadoopAccessorService hadoop-configs loading logic is not 100% correct (tucu)
OOZIE-743 HadoopAccessorService hadoop configurations should not use VARs from properties defined oozie-site.xml (tucu)
OOZIE-742 getJobInfo for workflows should return workflow external id (Shwetha via Mohammad)
OOZIE-750 enhance ooziedb tool not to require manual upgrade steps and not to require the -sqlfile option (tucu)
OOZIE-684 CoordChangeXCommand already used is thrown while executing interrupt commands (Mohamed via Mohammad)
OOZIE-723 Getting rid of the unused Commands classes (mohamed via tucu)
OOZIE-719 Missing java docs for several methods on (Mohamed via Mohammad)
OOZIE-738 HadoopAccessorService configs typo/missed value (tucu)
OOZIE-737 ooziedb tool does not register SLAEventBean resulting in an incorrect DB creation (tucu)
OOZIE-736 Add support for configurations per JT/NN (tucu)
OOZIE-734 Simplify Kerberos/HadoopAccessorService code and remove Kerberos/DoAs code (tucu)
OOZIE-631 Oozie DB create/upgrade tool (tucu)
OOZIE-729 SubmitMRCommand & SubmitMRXCommant testcases fail with Hadoop 0.23 (tucu)
OOZIE-726 Removing switch from default runtime scope to compile scope for hadooplib.xml assembly due to it pulling in JDK tools.jar with compile scope. (abayer via tucu)
OOZIE-228 For authorization we should use the ACL model (tucu)
OOZIE-715 Fix TestLocalOozieExample (angeloh via tucu)
OOZIE-701 Oozie notification URLs don't get replaced with the taken transition (tucu)
OOZIE-724 TestClassUtils fails as looks for hadoop-core (tucu)
OOZIE-725 Increase JVM MaxPermSize value for the testcases (tucu)
OOZIE-727 make test timeout value configurable via -D (tucu)
OOZIE-677 Add Filter API for status on coordinator actions (Virag Kothari via Angelo)
OOZIE-721 remove obsolete/not-used JobServlet and JobsServlet code (tucu)
OOZIE-626 Roll the oozie log file in GZ format (Kiran Nagasubramanian via Angelo)
OOZIE-693 Fork-join validation doesn't check for the 'error to' transition of nodes (Virag Kothari via Angelo)
OOZIE-616 Moving action prepare FS execution to LauncherMapper ( Kiran Nagasubramanian via Angelo)
OOZIE-687 The start time of the action is set after the job is already submitted to hadoop (Mohamed Battisha vis Angelo)
OOZIE-712 Hive testcases fail with 0.23 (tucu)
OOZIE-710 add a timeout to the surefire configuration (tucu)
OOZIE-704 Sharelib action JARs for testcases should be collected leveraging Maven dependency information (tucu)
OOZIE-703 Improve/Consolidate Hadoop job ID log harvesting logic (tucu)
OOZIE-702 XTestCase minicluster fails with Hadoop 1.x (tucu)
OOZIE-700 update hadooplibs versions (tucu)
OOZIE-698 Make sharelib components version dependency configurable (tucu)
OOZIE-696 scope of oozie-hadoop-test artifact is wrong (tucu)
OOZIE-691 Fix testcases using launcher using Hadoop 0.23.x (tucu)
OOZIE-690 use hadoop-client/hadoop-minicluster artifacts for Hadoop 0.23.1 & trunk (tucu)
OOZIE-689 XTestCase proxyuser settings fails with Hadoop 1.0.0/0.23.1 (tucu)
OOZIE-582 Adding new test cases for the feature - viewing log for coordinator actions in a given date range (harsh via tucu)
OOZIE-499 Broken link in maven docs to config files (harsh via tucu)
OOZIE-636 Validate fork-join (virag via tucu)
OOZIE-685 Update License file with 3rd party license information. (Mohammad)
OOZIE-678 Update NOTICE.txt to reflect the workcount binaries into oozie src(Mohammad)
OOZIE-667 Change the way Oozie brings in Hadoop JARs into the build (tucu)
OOZIE-673 Offset and len option not working as expected.(Virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-668 Adding license header into minitest/pom.xml.(Mohammad)
OOZIE-665 Shell action doesn't capture multiple key-value pairs.(Mohammad)
OOZIE-666 Oozie's Tomcat admin port is hardcoded. (tucu)
OOZIE-662 Unit test failing: TestHostnameFilter. (tucu)
OOZIE-651 Coordinator rerun fails due to NPE in some cases.(Virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-655 Information added to Oozie help.(Virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-642 Year support in dateOffset() El function.(Virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-652 Add proxyuser capabilities to Oozie HTTP API. (tucu)
OOZIE-591 Oozie continues to materialize new actions after end date modification (Mohamed Battisha vis Angelo)
OOZIE-639 Hive sharelib POM must exclude hadoop-core. (tucu)
OOZIE-635 ShellMain closes the STD/ERR stream while shell is processing. (tucu)
OOZIE-629 Oozie server to prevent usage of dataset initial-instance earlier than the system-defined default value.(Mona via Mohammad)
OOZIE-621 Option to add timeunit for frequency for coordinator jobs filtering.(Kiran via Mohammad)
OOZIE-627 Handle GZ log retrieval failures gracefully.(Kiran via Mohammad)
OOZIE-8 Variable not getting replaced with value in workflow rerun.(Mona via Mohammad)
OOZIE-15 Coordinator input/output event instance should limit 1 instance. (Mona via Mohammad)
OOZIE-633 Create sharelib directory for oozie.(Mohammad)
OOZIE-625 Oozie server not starting due to missing sl4j library for Authenticationfilter. (tucu)
OOZIE-617 Add back Ssh action as extension. (tucu)
OOZIE-578 Support shell action in Oozie WF (Mohammad)
OOZIE-620 POMs clean/tune up before 3.2 release. (tucu)
OOZIE-613 Update documentation for execution order.(Mohammad)
OOZIE-589 Make the command requeue interval configurable.(Mohammad)
OOZIE-156 Add support for a SQOOP action. (tucu)
OOZIE-77 Oozie should support Kerberos authentication on its HTTP REST API. (tucu)
OOZIE-622 Remove system sharelib tests from TestLiteWorkflowAppService. (tucu)
OOZIE-588 Oozie to allow drill down to hadoop job's details (virag via Mohammad)
OOZIE-68 Add Hive action. (tucu)
OOZIE-608 Fix test failure for testCoordChangeXCommand, testCoordChangeEndTime Unit
OOZIE-610 Oozie system share lib should have jars per action type. (tucu)
OOZIE-565 Make Oozie compile against Hadoop 0.23. (tucu)
OOZIE-609 Oozie services fail to start with log enabled. (tucu)
OOZIE-607 Pig POM brings in several unneeded dependencies. (tucu)
OOZIE-601 Oozie's POMs should use org.apache.oozie as group. (tucu)
OOZIE-480 In Oozie-site.xml, if we specify property is not overriding the services. (tucu)
OOZIE-602 Update the Hadoop version to be an Apache Hadoop version. (tucu)
OOZIE-557 Simplify/normalize testing configuration when using different databases. (tucu via mohammad)
OOZIE-590 Log Retrieval from multiple .gz archive files. (kiran via angeloh)
OOZIE-587 Out of memory issues due to current query design. (virag via angeloh)
OOZIE-600 Bump-up the version to 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT. (mohammad via angeloh)
-- Oozie 3.1.3 release
OOZIE-683 Add DISCLAIMER file in the root.(Mohammad)
OOZIE-681 Update the contents of readme.txt.(Mohammad)
OOZIE-680 oozie's assembly creates an extra level of empty subdirectory for docs. (rvs via tucu)
-- Oozie 3.1.2 release
OOZIE-38 LocalOozie example and improvement
OOZIE-580 use xml element to handle string escape when configure evaluator
OOZIE-585 Coordinator job fail to retrieve log with date range and action range.
OOZIE-553 Ability to view log for coordinator actions that ran in a date range.
OOZIE-581 Fix unit test failure in
OOZIE-579 POM file changes for oozie version 3.1.2.
OOZIE-26 Ability to get the log content from Archived file(.gz format)
OOZIE-554 New filters for all kinds of jobs
OOZIE-556 Sort on Web Console for non-string data type
OOZIE-41 Usability improvement (Additional options) for coordinator job analysis on Web Console
OOZIE-568 distcp action return error code -1
OOZIE-573 error message about misconfig in starting time of coordinator and initial-instance of dataset
OOZIE-571 Oozie validate command doesnt work for schema 0.2
OOZIE-570 Oozie bundle is running but not materializing new actions
OOZIE-25 Removing confusing exception trace during wf suspend/kill/resume
OOZIE-567 Is sub-workflow lib directory not used? Libraries of both parent and child workflows need to be added to classpath
OOZIE-564 Embedded pig within python fails when run using oozie
OOZIE-569 Update documentation on external dataset definition
OOZIE-572 Space missing between id and status for action id >= 1000
-- Oozie 3.1.0 release
OOZIE-37 Documentation related modifications for "log -action" option
OOZIE-35 add auto-rerun for error codes JA008 and JA009 in action executor
OOZIE-21 Fixed bug forked subwf not returning status to the parent wf job
OOZIE-28 update coordinator name to coord job at loadstate of coord-submit to avoid exception of bundle-status-update
OOZIE-22 (Apache) Add support PostgreSQL
OOZIE-10 add user-retry in workflow action
OOZIE-540 CoordKillXCommand command uniqueness and increase priority
OOZIE-552 support multiple shared lib path in oozie
OOZIE-18 Option to view Workflow job details from Coordinator job detail popup
OOZIE-17 Group column for coordinator jobs in Oozie Web Console
OOZIE-11 Adding Distcp Action.
OOZIE-6 Custom filters option and User information column added to Coordinator jobs section of Oozie Web Console
OOZIE-5 Log retrieval for a Coordinator job with large number or actions
OOZIE-7 Ability to view the log information corresponding to particular coordinator actions
OOZIE-541: Update documentation for job-type in WS API
OOZIE-498: Add an email action to Oozie
OOZIE-518: merge changes for OOZIE-101 to ActionEndXCommand
OOZIE-529: workflow kill node message is not resolved and set it to action error message
OOZIE-528: adjust configuration for DBCP data source
OOZIE-522: migrate jpa service changes to master branch from integration branch
OOZIE-520: upgrade openjpa jar to 2.1.0
OOZIE-527: add coordinator 0.3 schema for app name parametrization
OOZIE-518: ${wf:lastErrorNode()} is not set when an action ends in error
OOZIE-516 action errorMessage is not being set
OOZIE-524 add test case to test uniqueness of CoordActionInputCheckXCommand
OOZIE-517 escape characters for xml when create dag evaluator
OOZIE-515 parametrization of 'name' attribute in workflow/coordinator/bundle
OOZIE-523 add new queue class to iterate next callable when current callable type has reached max concorrency
OOZIE-525 Upgrade pom version to 3.1.0.
OOZIE-550 Fs 'move' action made consistent and able to have existing target dir
OOZIE-417 is oblivious to ' stop' failing
-- Oozie 3.0.2 release
OOZIE-118 fix pipes program accept relative path
OOZIE-120 coordinator resolve config default variable
OOZIE-119 relative path in coord dataset include should throw exception if given
OOZIE-115 oozie should check if app path is directory and read the app xml under it
-- Oozie 3.0.1 release
OOZIE-93 coordinator start and end instances doesn't work with float number.
OOZIE-80 Make coordinator backward compatible
OOZIE-58 Add date/time formatting function to coord.
OOZIE-75 fix coord el function actualTime()
OOZIE-73 increase executionPath of wf_actions to 1k.
GH-0566 If Java Main exit code !=0, LauncherMapper should the exit code as the error code
OOZIE-34 LauncherMapper security manager fails when a permission with context is check
-- Oozie 3.0.0 release
GH-0069 Create a coordinator bundle.
GH-0070 Start a coordinator bundle.
GH-0071 Pause a coordinator bundle.
GH-0073 Suspend a coordinator bundle.
GH-0072 Resume a coordinator bundle.
GH-0065 Kill a coordinator bundle.
GH-0074 Variable definition at coordinator bundle level.
GH-0098 XCommand Code refactoring.
GH-0099 JPA command refactor.
GH-0077 Reprocessing of coordinator jobs.
GH-0078 Option to rerun from failed node.
GH-0075 Provide access to date list.
GH-0077 Reprocess a complete coordinator bundle.
GH-0110 Redesign Coordinator Job's status.
GH-0111 Enforce precondition checking when executing coordinator commands.
GH-0066 Oozie should not queue the same command more than once.
GH-0067 Input data check should have a timeout for catch-up mode too.
GH-0084 Reduce Oozie DB issues related to update SQL commands and excessive logging.
GH-0079 Oozie command line documentation for Ops.
GH-0086 Clean up temporary files in the user HDFS directory upon completion.
GH-0141 Oozie uses excessive memory when doing purging.
GH-0166 Modify the logic of adding .so and .so.1 files into cache.
GH-0362 getting the job configuration through oozie command line.
GH-0361 Throttle coordinator action/workflow creation per coordinator job .
GH-0480 Support new Pig API to submit pig job
GH-0461 Mapping the workflow ID to coordinator ID
GH-0588 Adding Bundle to recovery service.
OOZIE-23 Update oozie examples with new namespace version for workflow and coordinator.
-- Oozie 2.3.0 release
GH-0236 add support for -Dname=value to oozie CLI and make -config optional
GH-0108 Add support for Derby as Oozie DB
GH-0189 make ENV setting flexible to allow Unix standard layout for conf/logs/data/tmp
GH-0149 create sharelib module with Pig/Streaming JARs
GH-0119 support for user() EL function in coord apps
GH-0131 add an embedded tomcat in Oozie distribution
GH-0026 add support for multiple workflow XMLs in a single directory
GH-0027 support for a share lib directory in HDFS for workflow action binaries
GH-0106 support for a system share lib directory in HDFS for workflow action binaries
GH-0034 update/simplify examples
GH-0050 Oozie jobs configuration properties with variables should be resolved to concrete values.
-- Oozie 2.2.5 release
GH-0372 Change logs output for missing dependencies
GH-0332 Adding Credentials Module
GH-0066 Add Uniqueness functionality to queue
GH-0141 Oozie uses excessive memory when doing purging
-- Oozie 2.2.3 release
GH-0055 Oozie should not materialize a coordinator job right after its submission if the job will only run in far future
GH-0046 Add support the coordiator job submitted to run in far future
-- Oozie 2.2.2 release
GH-0040 coordinator rerun doesn't consider empty output-event
GH-0041 update ojdbc version
GH-0001 references SVN in bin/
-- Oozie 2.2.1 release
GH-0010 POM cleanup, remove unneeded repositories, remove/exclude commons-cli 2.0
-- Oozie 2.2.0 release
- adding Pig version number to pig execution log in launcher log
- simplify Oozie build
- oozie documentation is not included in oozie.war and standalone as
- simplify Oozie config/logs loading
- fixing location of RowExpander.js for web console in index.html
- jpa configuration refactoring
- Fix oozie UI
- Stop checking input directories if unable to find anyone directory
- Read default timeout from config file.
- Change update query to only modify required fields.
- Simplify client utility methods
- Http Submission of single MR/PIG job without corresponding workflow.xml
- oozie launcher failed when pig log not found.
- client API addArchive does not link file to a directory
- oozie.libpath needs to start with hdfs://namenode when submit pig job to certain versions of hadoop clusters
-- Oozie 2.1.0 release
- compositecommand uses hardcoded type, this limits concurrency by command type
- testcases time doubled, lot of exceptions on command queue on shutdown
- Set default coordinator action timeout to 2 hours.
- build/assembly changes
- oozie mistakes namenode as the jobtracker at white list validation
- single distribution should work both with Hadoop 20 and 20S
- use comma as separator for datasets
- Oozie should not package the Hadoop JARs
- Whitelist of valid Jobtracker & Namenode URIs
- blank whitelist should allow any namenode/jobtracker
- EL function in oozie coordinator to check data dependencies on the closest future data date
- EL function to generate a UTC date based on another UTC date
- instrumentation for commands in the queue.
- Queue Refactor
- instrumentation for commands in the queue
- Coordinator action rerun
- Change end_time and concurrency for a running coordinator job
- Change pause_time for a running coordinator job
- Annotate error message with jobID
- Set pending in SuspendCommand and reset pending in ResumeCommand
- Set time in super class bean
- Remove unnecessary command and service from the code.
- CoordRecoveryCommand update the job status unconditionally
- Fix admin -version
- Need to revisit prioritization of coordinator commands
- coordinator job takes long time (>10mins) to create new actions when released from being paused
- Set NN and JT Principal in JavaActionExecutor
- Adding support for hadoop 0.20.200
- Update document with two new EL functions in 2.1
-- Oozie 2.0.2 release
-- Oozie coordinator