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<title>CAS Workflow Manager User Guide</title>
<author email="">Chris Mattmann</author>
<author email="">Dave Woollard</author>
<div class="warning">This document is in the process of being reorganized as
part of our ongoing documentation effort. Please follow the links below to find
information that has previously been hosted on this page.</div>
<p>We are in the process of upgrading OODT documentation. In the near
future, we hope to provide information for developers regarding each
component, including its purpose, structure, interfaces, and
configuration points in a <a href="../development/developer.html">Developer
<p>Information for users, including installation and basic configuration,
as well as example usage are provided in a
<a href="../user/basic.html">Basic User Guide.</a> Advanced topics, like
look and feel, lessons-learned, and best practices are provided in an
<a href="../user/advanced.html">Advanced User Guide.</a></p>
<p>Finally, we are planning to provide a number of case studies in the
future, in which multi-component deployments are configured to handle
common data and computation management scenarios.</p>