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Configures a new OODT OFSN style product server. This is a product server
of the form:
OFSN is an online file specification name, as defined by the PDS standards.
RT is a transformation identifier, identifying a remote transformation to be applied
at the given OFSN path.
More more information on the OFSN style product servers, see the PDS original here:
Required attributes:
id: defines a unique URN/id for this product server instance
name: defines a human readable name for this product server instance
productRoot: defines the root path in which the OFSN product server should start looking for
paths based on a given OFSN
FIXME: Change XML namespace URI for oodt prefix?
<oodt:ofsn xmlns:oodt=""
name="OODT OFSN Style Product Handler"
<!-- defines a new OFSN handler. There are 2 valid types:
listing: this type generates a list of files given an OFSN. The list will
be returned and formatted in XML for easy parsing.
get: this type returns the bits of the requested ofsn, after performing some
type of transformation on them.
Required attributes:
name: gives the handler type a identifiable name. This should be a valid RT name for use in the OODT
product server query, e.g., if you want the dir list non-recursive listing handler to be called on
RT=DIRLIST1, then set name to "DIRLIST1", as below.
type: either listing, or get, depending on the desired handler type.
class: defines a class that implements either the org.apache.oodt.product.handlers.ofsn.OFSNListHandler
interface (for "listing" handlers), or the org.apache.oodt.product.handlers.ofsn.OFSNGetHandler (for
"get" handlers). Note that this class must be on the classpath in order for it to be referenced in
this configuration.
Optionally, each handler can have its own configuration, specified on the form of
&lt;property name=&quot;some name&quot; value=&quot;some value&quot;/&gt;
where some name is the name of the configuration property and some value is the
value of the configuration property.
Optional properties (for GET handlers):
property name: mimeType
property value: the desired MIME type (also referred to as content-type) a handler should return
content as (eg. "text/plain"). More formally, any value of the form
"type/subtype(; parameter=...)*" as defined in RFC 2045.
The DIRLIST1 type is identical to DIRLIST but does not recursively
descend into subdirectories.
<handler name="DIRLIST1" type="listing"
The DIRLIST type returns an XML file with directory names (and only
directory names) and total size of files in each directory starting in
the requested directory and traversing into the subdirectories.
<handler name="DIRLIST" type="listing"
The DIRFILELIST1 is identical to DIRFILELIST except that it does not
recurse into subdirectories.
<handler name="DIRFILELIST1" type="listing"
The DIRFILELIST returns an XML document containing all of the filenames
(and only the files, not directories) and their sizes, recursing into
<handler name="DIRFILELIST" type="listing"
The RAW_SIZE generates an XML document telling the size of the raw file that
would be returned by the corresponding RAW type.
<handler name="RAW_SIZE" type="listing"
Required attributes:
isSizeCmd: this value should be set to true in this handler to ensure that
only the size is printed in the OFSN doc.
<property name="isSizeCmd" value="true"/>
The FILELIST type returns an XML file naming the requested file and also
giving its size.
<handler name="FILE_LIST" type="listing"
The FILELISTZIP is similar to FILELIST except that it tells what the size
of the requested file would be if compressed into a ZIP archive.
<handler name="FILE_LIST_ZIP" type="listing"
Optional attributes:
cacheDirRoot: defines the cache dir that the product server should use when asked to create temporary
files, e.g., by a listing or get handler. By default, if not specified, it defaults to /tmp
<property name="cacheDirRoot" value="/tmp"/>
The RAW type merely returns the requested file without any modification
(MIME type application/octet-stream ).
<handler name="RAW" type="get"
The MD5 type returns an MD5 hash of the file bytes generated on the server side.
<handler name="MD5" type="get"
<property name="mimeType" value="text/plain"/>
The URL type returns a URL listing pointing to files within an OFSN
(Optional) Use the below properties to customize the constructed URL returned:
1. prodServerHostname: the product server hostname
2. prodServerPort: the product server's port
3. prodServerContextRoot: the name of the product server webapp
4. productRoot: the root directory of the product server - identical
to the root directory at the top of this XML file
5. returnType: the desired return type. i.e. RAW, MD5, etc.
<handler name="URL" type="get"
<!-- the below values are the default if nothing specified
<property name="prodServerHostname" value="localhost"/>
<property name="prodServerPort" value="8080"/>
<property name="prodServerContextRoot" value="web-grid"/>
<property name="productRoot" value="/some/path"/>
<property name="returnType" value="RAW"/>
<property name="mimeType" value="text/plain"/>