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Author: Chris Mattmann
This file configures the PCS long lister, defining what product types
to exclude from the listing, what field names to include as listing
columns, and which of those field names are collection tags that group
products together.
Defines metadata fields per product to show as
columns in the long listing. The scalar name
attribute is the product met field name, and
the value for the scalar is the name that the
long lister displays while listing. The vector of
ordered met keys is the display order in the listing.
<group name="MetFieldColumns">
<vector name="OrderedMetKeys">
<scalar name="Filename">Filename</scalar>
<scalar name="TestTag">Test Tag(s)</scalar>
<scalar name="SubTestTag">Subtest tag(s)</scalar>
<scalar name="TestCounter">Test Counter(s)</scalar>
<scalar name="StartDateTime">DataStartTime</scalar>
<scalar name="EndDateTime">DataEndTime</scalar>
Lets the long lister know which fields are
collection fields: that is, fields that group
products together. These fields will be used, along
with the InputFiles met field, to find descendant
files with matching collection field values.
<group name="CollectionFields">
<vector name="FieldNames">
If you don't expect all the product types to be
listable, you can set an exclude list. This is
useful when e.g., some product types are so massive
you would never do a long listing on them because
the descendant query would take a long time.
<group name="ExcludedProductTypeList">
<vector name="ProductTypes">