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OODT Balance - Framework Library
This is the OODT Balance Framework library. It provides a common codebase
upon which to build PHP web applications utilizing the OODT framework.
More information about the project is available at
The library is provided as a PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR)
package. More information on how to install the PEAR package manager on your
system can be found at:
Assuming you have the PEAR package manager installed correctly:
1) "cd" into the src/pear directory (you should see a package.xml file)
2) Build the pear package:
$ pear package
3) Install the resulting tarball:
$ (sudo) pear install --force Org_Apache_Oodt_Balance_...tgz
This library forms a codebase upon which applications can be developed. It is a
prerequisite for Balance application development, but can do nothing on its own.
For information on creating and developing applications that target this library,