Title: Download OData 2.0 Java Library

Download OData 2.0 Java Library

Apache Olingo OData2 is a collection of Java libraries for implementing OData V2 protocol clients or servers.

Release 2.0.12 (2022-04-23)

Release notes

The Apache Olingo OData2 2.0.12 release is a patch release.

Commodity Packages

The Olingo Library Core packages contains the API, the implementation, the documentation as JavaDoc and the Reference Scenario. The API and the according implementation can be used in a production environment. The Reference Scenario is a sample and shall not be used in a production environment. The Core Library is developed for production environment usage in business scenarios.

Olingo OData2 LibraryDownload (sha512, pgp)All you need to implement an OData V2 client or server.
Olingo OData2 SourcesDownload (sha512, pgp)Olingo OData2 source code.
Olingo OData2 DocsDownload (sha512, pgp)Documentation and JavaDoc.
Olingo OData2 Reference ScenarioDownload (sha512, pgp)Deployable WAR files with reference scenario services using Apache CXF.
Extension Packages

The Olingo Library Extension packages contains extensions which are provided from various contributors in the context of the Olingo open source project. The extensions provides convenience for easier consumption or creation of an OData service like the JPA based processor, the Java Annotation based processor or the Spring Framework integration. However the extensions are not optimized regarding performance or extensibility. Interested parties can use the extensions, if they are sufficient for their scenarios in a production environment. Feature enhancements or optimizations of the extensions have to be done by the interested parties itself.

Olingo OData2 JPA ProcessorDownload (sha512, pgp)All you need to expose your JPA model as OData service.
Olingo OData2 Java Annotation ProcessorDownload (sha512, pgp)Use Java Annotations to create a simple OData service for e.g. test cases (without persistence).
Olingo OData2 Spring Extension SourcesDownload (sha512, pgp)Support for use of OData library in Spring context.


Apache Olingo OData2 artifacts for latest version at Maven Central. For POM dependencies see here.

All other Apache Olingo artifacts are also available at Maven Central.

Older Releases

For older releases please refer to Archives or you can get them using Maven.

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