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<resource xmlns:xsi="">
<property key="SharkCompanyName">
<value xml:lang="en">OFBiz: Shark</value>
<value xml:lang="fr">OFBiz : Shark</value>
<value xml:lang="it">OFBiz: Flussi di lavoro</value>
<value xml:lang="ro">OFBiz: Fluxuri de Lucru</value>
<value xml:lang="th">OFBiz: Shark</value>
<property key="SharkCompanySubtitle">
<!--value xml:lang="ar">جزء من عائلة أوفبيز للبرمجيات الحرة</value-->
<value xml:lang="ar">جزء من عائلة أوفبيز للتطبيقات الحرة للتسيير</value>
<value xml:lang="de">Teil der Open For Business Familie von Open Source Software</value>
<value xml:lang="en">Part of the Open For Business Family of Open Source Software</value>
<!--value xml:lang="es">Parte de la familia "Open for Bussiness" de Software Libre</value-->
<value xml:lang="es">Parte de la familia de software Open For Business de código abierto</value>
<value xml:lang="fr">Un module de la famille Open For Business, logiciel libre de gestion d'entreprise.</value>
<value xml:lang="it">Un modulo della famiglia di software open source Open For Business</value>
<!--value xml:lang="nl">Onderdeel van de Open For Business'-suite</value-->
<value xml:lang="nl">Deel van de Open For Business-suite van Open Source Software</value>
<value xml:lang="pt_BR">Parte da família OfBiz de software de fonte aberta</value>
<!--value xml:lang="pt_PT">Parte do Software de Fonte Aberta para Grupos Abertos Para o Negócio</value-->
<value xml:lang="pt_PT">Parte da família OfBiz de software de fonte aberta</value>
<!--value xml:lang="ro">Parte accesibila pentru Business Family of Open Source Software</value-->
<!--value xml:lang="ro">Parte din Open for Business Family of Open Source Software</value-->
<value xml:lang="ro">Partea de Deschidere Pentru Afaceri Familiale din Open Source Software</value>
<!--value xml:lang="ru">Часть семейства ПО Open For Business</value-->
<!--value xml:lang="ru">Часть семейства "Open For Business Family" программных продуктов Open Source </value-->
<value xml:lang="ru">Входит в состав семейства Open For Business</value>
<!--value xml:lang="th">เป็นส่วนหนึ่งของธุรกิจแบบครอบครัวที่เป็นซอฟต์แวร์โอเพนซอส</value-->
<value xml:lang="th">ส่วนหนึ่งของธุรกิจแบบครอบครัวที่เป็นซอฟต์แวร์โอเพนซอส</value>
<!--value xml:lang="zh">开源软件OFBiz的组成部分</value-->
<!--value xml:lang="zh">开源软件OFBiz的组成部分</value-->
<value xml:lang="zh">开源软件OFBiz家族的一部分</value>
<value xml:lang="zh_CN">OFBiz的一部分</value>
<property key="SharkFramework">
<value xml:lang="en">Framework Shark</value>
<value xml:lang="fr">Shark workflow engine : moteur de gestion des flux de travail</value>
<value xml:lang="it">Applicazione flussi di lavoro</value>
<value xml:lang="ro">Aplictie Fluxuri de Lucru</value>
<value xml:lang="th">Framework Shark</value>
<value xml:lang="zh">Shark工作流</value>
<property key="SharkMainPage">
<value xml:lang="en">Shark Manager Main Page</value>
<value xml:lang="fr">Shark : page principale</value>
<value xml:lang="it">Pagina principale</value>
<value xml:lang="ro">Pagina Principala</value>
<value xml:lang="th">หน้าหลักของการจัดการ Shark</value>
<value xml:lang="zh">Shark工作流管理主页</value>
<property key="SharkProcessDetailList">
<value xml:lang="en">Process Detail List</value>
<value xml:lang="it">Lista dettagli processi</value>
<value xml:lang="zh">流程详细信息列表</value>
<property key="SharkProcessHistory">
<value xml:lang="en">Process History</value>
<value xml:lang="it">Storia processi</value>
<value xml:lang="zh">流程历史记录</value>
<property key="SharkProcessList">
<value xml:lang="en">Process List</value>
<value xml:lang="it">Lista processi</value>
<value xml:lang="zh">流程列表</value>
<property key="SharkProcessSteps">
<value xml:lang="en">Process Steps</value>
<value xml:lang="it">Passi processi</value>
<value xml:lang="zh">流程步骤</value>
<property key="SharkWorkList">
<value xml:lang="en">Work List</value>
<value xml:lang="it">Lista lavoro</value>
<value xml:lang="zh">作业列表</value>
<property key="SharkXPDLRepository">
<value xml:lang="en">XPDL Repository</value>
<value xml:lang="it">Repository XPDL</value>
<value xml:lang="zh">XPDL库</value>