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<#-- <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> -->
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<div style="position:relative" class="gantt" id="GanttChartDIV"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
var g = new JSGantt.GanttChart('g',document.getElementById('GanttChartDIV'), 'day');
g.setShowRes(1); // Show/Hide Responsible (0/1)
g.setShowDur(1); // Show/Hide Duration (0/1)
g.setShowComp(1); // Show/Hide % Complete(0/1)
// Parameters (pID, pName, pStart, pEnd, pColor, pLink, pMile, pRes, pComp, pGroup, pParent, pOpen)
<#list phaseTaskList as t>
<#if t.workEffortTypeId == "PHASE">
g.AddTaskItem(new JSGantt.TaskItem("${t.phaseNr}", "${t.phaseSeqNum!}. ${t.phaseName}", "", "", "00ff00", "", 0, "", 0, 1, 0, 1));
<#if t.workEffortTypeId == "TASK">
g.AddTaskItem(new JSGantt.TaskItem("${t.taskNr}","${t.taskSeqNum!}. ${t.taskName}","${StringUtil.wrapString(t.estimatedStartDate)}", "${StringUtil.wrapString(t.estimatedCompletionDate)}","009900", "${t.url}", 0 , "${t.resource!}", ${t.completion!} , 0, ${t.phaseNr}, 1<#if t.preDecessor??>, "${t.preDecessor}"</#if>));
<#if t.workEffortTypeId == "MILESTONE">
g.AddTaskItem(new JSGantt.TaskItem("${t.taskNr}","${t.taskName}","${StringUtil.wrapString(t.estimatedStartDate)}", "${StringUtil.wrapString(t.estimatedCompletionDate)}","00ff00", "", 1 , "${t.resource!}", ${t.completion!} , 0,${t.phaseNr}, "", "" ));
TaskItem(pID, pName, pStart, pEnd, pColor, pLink, pMile, pRes, pComp, pGroup, pParent, pOpen, pDepend)
pID: (required) is a unique ID used to identify each row for parent functions and for setting dom id for hiding/showing
pName: (required) is the task Label
pStart: (required) the task start date, can enter empty date ('') for groups
pEnd: (required) the task end date, can enter empty date ('') for groups
pColor: (required) the html color for this task; e.g. '00ff00'
pLink: (optional) any http link navigated to when task bar is clicked.
pMile:(optional) represent a milestone
pRes: (optional) resource name
pComp: (required) completion percent
pGroup: (optional) indicates whether this is a group(parent) - 0=NOT Parent; 1=IS Parent
pParent: (required) identifies a parent pID, this causes this task to be a child of identified task
pOpen: UNUSED - in future can be initially set to close folder when chart is first drawn
pDepend: dependency: need previous task finished.