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<!-- OFBiz Core security -->
<!-- administrative security groups -->
<!-- Security 2.0 base permissions -->
<SecurityPermission permissionId="access" description="Base ACCESS permission"/>
<SecurityPermission permissionId="create" description="Base CREATE permission"/>
<SecurityPermission permissionId="read" description="Base READ permission"/>
<SecurityPermission permissionId="update" description="Base UPDATE permission"/>
<SecurityPermission permissionId="delete" description="Base DELETE permission"/>
<SecurityPermission permissionId="OFBTOOLS_VIEW" description="Permission to access the Stock OFBiz Manager Applications."/>
<!-- normally only permissions in this file, however permission group SUPER is an exception -->
<SecurityGroup groupId="SUPER" description="Super admin group, has all *_ADMIN permission loaded as seed data"/>
<SecurityGroupPermission groupId="SUPER" permissionId="OFBTOOLS_VIEW"/>
<!-- System UserLogin Account - see additional data in SecurityExtData -->
<UserLogin userLoginId="system" enabled="N" isSystem="Y"/>
<UserLoginSecurityGroup groupId="SUPER" userLoginId="system" fromDate="2001-01-01 12:00:00.0"/>
<!-- Anonymous UserLogin is referenced by services in various components -->
<UserLogin userLoginId="anonymous" enabled="N"/>
<SecurityGroupPermission groupId="SUPER" permissionId="access"/>
<SecurityGroupPermission groupId="SUPER" permissionId="create"/>
<SecurityGroupPermission groupId="SUPER" permissionId="read"/>
<SecurityGroupPermission groupId="SUPER" permissionId="update"/>
<SecurityGroupPermission groupId="SUPER" permissionId="delete"/>