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<CharacterSet characterSetId="ISO-8859-1" description="ISO-8859-1 English"/>
<CharacterSet characterSetId="ISO-8859-2" description="ISO-8859-2 ?"/>
<CharacterSet characterSetId="ISO-8859-3" description="ISO-8859-3 ?"/>
<CharacterSet characterSetId="ISO-8859-4" description="ISO-8859-4 ?"/>
<CharacterSet characterSetId="ISO-8859-5" description="ISO-8859-5 ?"/>
<CharacterSet characterSetId="ISO-8859-6" description="ISO-8859-6 Latin/Arabic"/>
<CharacterSet characterSetId="ISO-8859-7" description="ISO-8859-7 ?"/>
<CharacterSet characterSetId="ISO-8859-8" description="ISO-8859-8 Latin/Hebrew"/>
<CharacterSet characterSetId="ISO-8859-9" description="ISO-8859-9 ?"/>
<CharacterSet characterSetId="ISO-8859-10" description="ISO-8859-10 ?"/>
<CharacterSet characterSetId="US-ASCII" description="US-ASCII as defined in ANSI X3.4-1986"/>
<CharacterSet characterSetId="UTF-8" description="Unicode 8 bit"/>
<CharacterSet characterSetId="UTF-16" description="Unicode 16 bit"/>
<!-- application mime types -->
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/octet-stream" description="Arbitrary Binary Data"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/pkcs7-signature" description="PKCS7 Signature"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/postscript" description="Postsctipt Application/Script"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/zip" description="ZIP Data"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/pdf" description="Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/msword" description="Microsoft Word"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/x-shockwave-flash" description="Shockwave Flash Movie"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/x-zip-compressed" description="ZIP compressed file"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/x-tgz" description="Gzipped Tar archive file"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text" description="OpenOffice OpenDocument Text"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet" description="OpenOffice OpenDocument Spreadsheet"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/vnd.ofbiz.survey" description="Survey"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/vnd.ofbiz.survey.response" description="Survey Response"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/" description="Microsoft PowerPoint"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="application/" description="Microsoft Excel"/>
<!-- audio mime types -->
<MimeType mimeTypeId="audio/basic" description="Basic Audio"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="audio/mpeg" description="MPEG Audio"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="audio/x-ms-wax" description="WAX Audio"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="audio/x-ms-wma" description="WMA Audio"/>
<!-- image mime types -->
<MimeType mimeTypeId="image/jpeg" description="JPEG/JPG Image"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="image/pjpeg" description="Progressive JPEG/JPG Image"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="image/gif" description="GIF Image"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="image/tiff" description="TIFF Image"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="image/png" description="PNG Image"/>
<!-- message mime types -->
<MimeType mimeTypeId="message/external-body" description="External Body Message"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="message/http" description="HTTP Message"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="message/s-http" description="HTTPS/S-HTTP Message"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="message/news" description="News Message"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="message/partial" description="Partial Message"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="message/rfc822" description="RFC 822 Headered Message"/>
<!-- model mime types -->
<MimeType mimeTypeId="model/mesh" description="Mesh Model"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="model/vrml" description="VRML Model"/>
<!-- multipart mime types -->
<MimeType mimeTypeId="multipart/alternative" description="Mutliple Alternative Multipart"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="multipart/digest" description="Digest of Messages Multipart"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="multipart/encrypted" description="Encrypted Multipart"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="multipart/form-data" description="Form Data Multipart"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="multipart/mixed" description="Mixed Type Multipart"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="multipart/related" description="Related Multipart"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="multipart/signed" description="Signed Multipart"/>
<!-- text mime types -->
<MimeType mimeTypeId="text/css" description="CSS Text"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="text/csv" description="Comma Separated Value Text"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="text/enriched" description="Enriched Text"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="text/html" description="HTML Text"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="text/plain" description="Plain Text"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="text/rtf" description="RTF Rich Text"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="text/richtext" description="Rich Text"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="text/sgml" description="SGML Text"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="text/tab-separated-values" description="Tab Separated Value Text"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="text/x-diff" description="diff for patching files"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="text/xml" description="XML Text"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="text/x-vcard" description="electronic business card"/>
<!-- video mime types -->
<MimeType mimeTypeId="video/avi" description="AVI Video"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="video/mpeg" description="MPEG/MPG Video"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="video/mp4" description="MPEG-4 (H.264) Video"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="video/quicktime" description="Quicktime Video"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="video/x-ms-asf" description="ASF Video"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="video/x-flv" description="Flash Streaming Video"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="video/x-ms-wvx" description="WVX Video"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="video/x-ms-wm" description="WM Video"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="video/x-ms-wmv" description="WMV Video"/>
<MimeType mimeTypeId="video/x-ms-wmx" description="WMX Video"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="asf" mimeTypeId="video/x-ms-asf"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="asx" mimeTypeId="video/x-ms-asf"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="avi" mimeTypeId="video/avi"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="css" mimeTypeId="text/css"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="flv" mimeTypeId="video/x-flv"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="jpg" mimeTypeId="image/jpeg"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="jpeg" mimeTypeId="image/jpeg"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="tif" mimeTypeId="image/tiff"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="tiff" mimeTypeId="image/tiff"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="gif" mimeTypeId="image/gif"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="png" mimeTypeId="image/png"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="mp4" mimeTypeId="video/mp4"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="m4v" mimeTypeId="video/mp4"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="mpg" mimeTypeId="video/mpeg"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="mpeg" mimeTypeId="video/mpeg"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="mov" mimeTypeId="video/quicktime"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="pdf" mimeTypeId="application/pdf"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="ps" mimeTypeId="application/postscript"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="qt" mimeTypeId="video/quicktime"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="rtf" mimeTypeId="text/rtf"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="swf" mimeTypeId="application/x-shockwave-flash"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="txt" mimeTypeId="text/plain"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="htm" mimeTypeId="text/html"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="html" mimeTypeId="text/html"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="xml" mimeTypeId="text/xml"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="vrml" mimeTypeId="model/vrml"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="doc" mimeTypeId="application/msword"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="odt" mimeTypeId="application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="wvx" mimeTypeId="video/x-ms-wvx"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="wm" mimeTypeId="video/x-ms-wm"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="wmv" mimeTypeId="video/x-ms-wmv"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="wmx" mimeTypeId="video/x-ms-wmx"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="zip" mimeTypeId="application/zip"/>
<FileExtension fileExtensionId="vcf" mimeTypeId="text/x-vcard"/>
<!-- Registered MIME Types:
(last updated 2001 October 16)
[RFC2045,RFC2046] specifies that Content Types, Content Subtypes, Character
Sets, Access Types, and conversion values for MIME mail will be
assigned and listed by the IANA.
Content Types and Subtypes
Type Subtype Description Reference
-=-= -=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-
text plain [RFC2646,RFC2046]
richtext [RFC2045,RFC2046]
enriched [RFC1896]
tab-separated-values [Paul Lindner]
html [RFC2854]
sgml [RFC1874]
vnd.latex-z [Lubos]
vnd.fmi.flexstor [Hurtta]
uri-list [RFC2483] [Allen]
rfc822-headers [RFC1892]
vnd.in3d.3dml [Powers]
prs.lines.tag [Lines] [Powers]
css [RFC2318]
xml [RFC3023]
xml-external-parsed-entity [RFC3023]
rtf [Lindner]
directory [RFC2425]
calendar [RFC2445]
vnd.wap.wml [Stark]
vnd.wap.wmlscript [Stark]
vnd.motorola.reflex [Patton] [Gurney] [WAP-Forum] [WAP-Forum]
t140 [RFC2793] [Nelson]
vnd.IPTC.NewsML [IPTC]
vnd.curl [Hodge]
vnd.DMClientScript [Bradley]
parityfec [RFC3009]
multipart mixed [RFC2045,RFC2046]
alternative [RFC2045,RFC2046]
digest [RFC2045,RFC2046]
parallel [RFC2045,RFC2046]
appledouble [MacMime,Patrik Faltstrom]
header-set [Dave Crocker]
form-data [RFC2388]
related [RFC2387]
report [RFC1892]
voice-message [RFC2421,RFC2423]
signed [RFC1847]
encrypted [RFC1847]
byteranges [RFC2068]
message rfc822 [RFC2045,RFC2046]
partial [RFC2045,RFC2046]
external-body [RFC2045,RFC2046]
news [RFC 1036, Henry Spencer]
http [RFC2616]
delivery-status [RFC1894]
disposition-notification [RFC2298]
s-http [RFC2660]
application octet-stream [RFC2045,RFC2046]
postscript [RFC2045,RFC2046]
oda [RFC2045,RFC2046]
atomicmail [atomicmail,Borenstein]
andrew-inset [andrew-inset,Borenstein]
slate [slate,terry crowley]
wita [Wang Info Transfer,Larry Campbell]
dec-dx [Digital Doc Trans, Larry Campbell]
dca-rft [IBM Doc Content Arch, Larry Campbell]
activemessage [Ehud Shapiro]
rtf [Paul Lindner]
applefile [MacMime,Patrik Faltstrom]
mac-binhex40 [MacMime,Patrik Faltstrom]
news-message-id [RFC1036, Henry Spencer]
news-transmission [RFC1036, Henry Spencer]
wordperfect5.1 [Paul Lindner]
pdf [Paul Lindner]
zip [Paul Lindner]
macwriteii [Paul Lindner]
msword [Paul Lindner]
remote-printing [RFC1486,Rose]
mathematica [Van Nostern]
cybercash [Eastlake]
commonground [Glazer]
iges [Parks]
riscos [Smith]
eshop [Katz]
x400-bp [RFC1494]
sgml [RFC1874]
cals-1840 [RFC1895]
pgp-encrypted [RFC3156]
pgp-signature [RFC3156]
pgp-keys [RFC3156]
vnd.framemaker [Wexler]
vnd.mif [Wexler] [Gill] [Gill] [Gill] [Gill] [Gill]
vnd.svd [Becker] [Butler] [Slawson]
vnd.truedoc [Chase]
vnd.koan [Cole]
vnd.street-stream [Levitt]
vnd.fdf [Zilles]
set-payment-initiation [Korver]
set-payment [Korver]
set-registration-initiation [Korver]
set-registration [Korver]
vnd.seemail [Webb]
vnd.businessobjects [Imoucha]
vnd.meridian-slingshot [Wedel]
vnd.xara [Matthewman]
sgml-open-catalog [Grosso]
vnd.rapid [Szekely]
vnd.enliven [Santinelli]
vnd.japannet-registration-wakeup [Fujii]
vnd.japannet-verification-wakeup [Fujii]
vnd.japannet-payment-wakeup [Fujii]
vnd.japannet-directory-service [Fujii]
vnd.intertrust.digibox [Tomasello]
vnd.intertrust.nncp [Tomasello]
prs.alvestrand.titrax-sheet [Alvestrand]
vnd.noblenet-web [Solomon]
vnd.noblenet-sealer [Solomon]
vnd.noblenet-directory [Solomon]
prs.nprend [Doggett]
vnd.webturbo [Rehem]
hyperstudio [Domino]
vnd.shana.informed.formtemplate [Selzler]
vnd.shana.informed.formdata [Selzler]
vnd.shana.informed.package [Selzler]
vnd.shana.informed.interchange [Selzler]
vnd.$commerce_battelle [Applebaum]
vnd.osa.netdeploy [Klos] [Herzberg]
vnd.japannet-jpnstore-wakeup [Yoshitake]
vnd.japannet-setstore-wakeup [Yoshitake]
vnd.japannet-verification [Yoshitake]
vnd.japannet-registration [Yoshitake]
vnd.hp-HPGL [Pentecost]
vnd.hp-PCL [Pentecost]
vnd.hp-PCLXL [Pentecost]
vnd.musician [Adams]
vnd.FloGraphIt [Floersch]
vnd.intercon.formnet [Gurak]
vemmi [RFC2122] [Fleischman]
vnd.ecdis-update [Buettgenbach]
vnd.powerbuilder6 [Guy]
vnd.powerbuilder6-s [Guy]
vnd.lotus-wordpro [Wattenberger]
vnd.lotus-approach [Wattenberger]
vnd.lotus-1-2-3 [Wattenberger]
vnd.lotus-organizer [Wattenberger]
vnd.lotus-screencam [Wattenberger]
vnd.lotus-freelance [Wattenberger] [Togashi] [Togashi]
vnd.swiftview-ics [Widener]
vnd.dna [Searcy]
prs.cww [Rungchavalnont]
vnd.wt.stf [Wohler]
vnd.dxr [Duffy] [Tanaka] [Hohensee]
vnd.acucobol [Lubin] [Okudaira]
marc [RFC2220] [Ogita] [Sugimoto]
vnd.visio [Sandal]
vnd.netfpx [Mutz]
vnd.audiograph [Slusanschi] [Nagatomo]
vnd.3M.Post-it-Notes [O'Brien]
vnd.novadigm.EDX [Swenson]
vnd.novadigm.EXT [Swenson]
vnd.novadigm.EDM [Swenson]
vnd.claymore [Simpson]
vnd.comsocaller [Dellutri]
pkcs7-mime [RFC2311]
pkcs7-signature [RFC2311]
pkcs10 [RFC2311]
vnd.yellowriver-custom-menu [Yellow]
vnd.ecowin.chart [Olsson]
vnd.ecowin.series [Olsson]
vnd.ecowin.filerequest [Olsson]
vnd.ecowin.fileupdate [Olsson]
vnd.ecowin.seriesrequest [Olsson]
vnd.ecowin.seriesupdate [Olsson]
EDI-X12 [RFC1767]
EDI-Consent [RFC1767]
vnd.wrq-hp3000-labelled [Bartram]
vnd.minisoft-hp3000-save [Bartram]
vnd.ffsns [Holstage]
vnd.hp-hps [Aubrey] [Taguchi]
xml [RFC3023]
xml-external-parsed-entity [RFC3023]
xml-dtd [RFC3023]
vnd.anser-web-funds-transfer-initiation [Mori]
vnd.anser-web-certificate-issue-initiation [Mori] [Natarajan]
vnd.intu.qbo [Scratchley]
vnd.publishare-delta-tree [Ben-Kiki]
vnd.cybank [Helmee]
batch-SMTP [RFC2442]
vnd.uplanet.alert [Martin]
vnd.uplanet.cacheop [Martin]
vnd.uplanet.list [Martin]
vnd.uplanet.listcmd [Martin] [Martin]
vnd.uplanet.bearer-choice [Martin]
vnd.uplanet.signal [Martin]
vnd.uplanet.alert-wbxml [Martin]
vnd.uplanet.cacheop-wbxml [Martin]
vnd.uplanet.list-wbxml [Martin]
vnd.uplanet.listcmd-wbxml [Martin] [Martin]
vnd.uplanet.bearer-choice-wbxml [Martin] [Gu]
vnd.commonspace [Chandhok]
vnd.fut-misnet [Pruulmann]
vnd.xfdl [Manning]
vnd.intu.qfx [Scratchley] [Hoshina] [Hoshina]
vnd.powerbuilder7 [Shilts]
vnd.powerbuilder7-s [Shilts]
vnd.lotus-notes [Laramie]
pkixcmp [RFC2510]
vnd.wap.wmlc [Stark]
vnd.wap.wmlscriptc [Stark]
vnd.motorola.flexsuite [Patton]
vnd.wap.wbxml [Stark]
vnd.motorola.flexsuite.wem [Patton]
vnd.motorola.flexsuite.kmr [Patton]
vnd.motorola.flexsuite.adsi [Patton]
vnd.motorola.flexsuite.fis [Patton]
vnd.motorola.flexsuite.gotap [Patton]
vnd.motorola.flexsuite.ttc [Patton]
vnd.ufdl [Manning]
vnd.accpac.simply.imp [Leow]
vnd.accpac.simply.aso [Leow]
vnd.vcx [T.Sugimoto]
ipp [RFC2910]
ocsp-request [RFC2560]
ocsp-response [RFC2560] [Smolgovsky]
vnd.mediastation.cdkey [Flurry] [Gandert] [Gandert]
vnd.hp-hpid [Gupta]
pkix-cert [RFC2585]
pkix-crl [RFC2585]
vnd.Mobius.TXF [Kabayama]
vnd.Mobius.PLC [Kabayama]
vnd.Mobius.DIS [Kabayama]
vnd.Mobius.DAF [Kabayama]
vnd.Mobius.MSL [Kabayama]
vnd.cups-raster [Sweet]
vnd.cups-postscript [Sweet]
vnd.cups-raw [Sweet]
index [RFC2652]
index.cmd [RFC2652]
index.response [RFC2652]
index.obj [RFC2652]
index.vnd [RFC2652]
vnd.triscape.mxs [Simonoff]
vnd.powerbuilder75 [Shilts]
vnd.powerbuilder75-s [Shilts]
vnd.dpgraph [Parker]
http [RFC2616]
sdp [RFC2327] [Resnick] [Matsumoto]
vnd.vectorworks [Pharr]
vnd.grafeq [Tupper]
vnd.bmi [Gotoh] [Tidwell]
vnd.hzn-3d-crossword [Minnis]
vnd.wap.slc [WAP-Forum]
vnd.wap.sic [WAP-Forum]
vnd.groove-injector [Joseph] [Onda]
vnd.groove-account [Joseph]
vnd.groove-identity-message [Joseph]
vnd.groove-tool-message [Joseph]
vnd.groove-tool-template [Joseph]
vnd.groove-vcard [Joseph]
vnd.ctc-posml [Kohlhepp] [Muto] [Muto]
vnd.trueapp [Hepler]
vnd.s3sms [Tarkkala]
iotp [RFC2935] [Gotoh]
vnd.httphone [Lefevre]
vnd.informix-visionary [Gales]
vnd.msign [Borcherding] [Ledoux] [Patz] [Hoshina]
whoispp-query [RFC2957]
whoispp-response [RFC2958]
vnd.mozilla.xul+xml [McDaniel]
parityfec [RFC3009]
vnd.palm [Peacock]
vnd.fsc.weblaunch [D.Smith]
vnd.tve-trigger [Welsh]
dvcs [RFC3029]
sieve [RFC3028]
vnd.vividence.scriptfile [Risher]
vnd.hhe.lesson-player [Jones]
beep+xml [RFC3080]
font-tdpfr [RFC3073]
vnd.mseq [Le Bodic]
vnd.aether.imp [Moskowitz]
vnd.Mobius.MQY [Devasia]
vnd.Mobius.MBK [Devasia]
vnd.vidsoft.vidconference [Hess] [Buis]
vnd.irepository.package+xml [Knowles]
vnd.sss-ntf [Bruno]
vnd.sss-dtf [Bruno]
vnd.sss-cod [Dani]
vnd.pvi.ptid1 [Lamb]
isup [RFCISUP]
qsig [RFCISUP]
timestamp-query [RFC3161]
timestamp-reply [RFC3161]
vnd.pwg-xhtml-print+xml [Wright]
image jpeg [RFC2045,RFC2046]
gif [RFC2045,RFC2046]
ief Image Exchange Format [RFC1314]
g3fax [RFC1494]
tiff Tag Image File Format [RFC2302]
cgm Computer Graphics Metafile [Francis]
naplps [Ferber]
vnd.dwg [Moline]
vnd.svf [Moline]
vnd.dxf [Moline]
png [Randers-Pehrson]
vnd.fpx [Spencer] [Spencer]
vnd.xiff [SMartin]
prs.btif [Simon]
vnd.fastbidsheet [Becker]
vnd.wap.wbmp [Stark]
prs.pti [Laun]
vnd.cns.inf2 [McLaughlin]
vnd.mix [Reddy] [Onda] [Onda]
vnd.fst [Fuldseth]
audio basic [RFC2045,RFC2046]
32kadpcm [RFC2421,RFC2422]
vnd.qcelp [Lundblade] [Strazds]
vnd.lucent.voice [Vaudreuil]
vnd.octel.sbc [Vaudreuil]
vnd.rhetorex.32kadpcm [Vaudreuil]
vnd.vmx.cvsd [Vaudreuil]
vnd.nortel.vbk [Parsons]
vnd.cns.anp1 [McLaughlin]
vnd.cns.inf1 [McLaughlin]
L16 [RFC2586]
vnd.everad.plj [Cicelsky]
telephone-event [RFC2833]
tone [RFC2833]
prs.sid [Walleij]
vnd.nuera.ecelp4800 [Fox]
vnd.nuera.ecelp7470 [Fox]
mpeg [RFC3003]
parityfec [RFC3009]
vnd.nuera.ecelp9600 [Fox]
G.722.1 [RFC3047]
mpa-robust [RFC3119] [Kumar]
video mpeg [RFC2045,RFC2046]
quicktime [Paul Lindner] [Wolfe] [McGinty]
vnd.motorola.videop [McGinty]
vnd.fvt [Fuldseth]
pointer [RFC2862]
parityfec [RFC3009]
vnd.mpegurl [Recktenwald]
MP4V-ES [RFC3016] [Kangaslampi]
model [RFC2077]
iges [Parks]
vrml [RFC2077]
mesh [RFC2077]
vnd.dwf [Pratt]
vnd.gtw [Ozaki]
vnd.flatland.3dml [Powers]
vnd.vtu [Rabinovitch]
vnd.mts [Rabinovitch]
vnd.gdl [Babits] [Babits]
vnd.parasolid.transmit.text [Dearnaley,Juckes]
vnd.parasolid.transmit.binary [Dearnaley,Juckes]
The "media-types" directory contains a subdirectory for each content
type and each of those directories contains a file for each content
Character Sets
All of the character sets listed the section on Character Sets are
registered for use with MIME as MIME Character Sets. The
correspondance between the few character sets listed in the MIME
specifications [RFC2045,RFC2046] and the list in that section are:
Type Description Reference
-=-= -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-
US-ASCII see ANSI_X3.4-1968 below [RFC2045,RFC2046]
ISO-8859-1 see ISO_8859-1:1987 below [RFC2045,RFC2046]
ISO-8859-2 see ISO_8859-2:1987 below [RFC2045,RFC2046]
ISO-8859-3 see ISO_8859-3:1988 below [RFC2045,RFC2046]
ISO-8859-4 see ISO_8859-4:1988 below [RFC2045,RFC2046]
ISO-8859-5 see ISO_8859-5:1988 below [RFC2045,RFC2046]
ISO-8859-6 see ISO_8859-6:1987 below [RFC2045,RFC2046]
ISO-8859-7 see ISO_8859-7:1987 below [RFC2045,RFC2046]
ISO-8859-8 see ISO_8859-8:1988 below [RFC2045,RFC2046]
ISO-8859-9 see ISO_8859-9:1989 below [RFC2045,RFC2046]
Access Types
Type Description Reference
-=-= -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-
FTP [RFC2045,RFC2046]
ANON-FTP [RFC2045,RFC2046]
TFTP [RFC2045,RFC2046]
AFS [RFC2045,RFC2046]
content-id [RFC1873]
Conversion Values
Conversion values or Content Transfer Encodings.
Type Description Reference
-=-= -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-
7BIT [RFC2045,RFC2046]
8BIT [RFC2045,RFC2046]
BASE64 [RFC2045,RFC2046]
BINARY [RFC2045,RFC2046]
MIME to X.400 Table
MIME content-type X.400 Body Part Reference
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-
charset=us-ascii ia5-text [RFC1494]
charset=iso-8859-x EBP - GeneralText [RFC1494]
text/richtext no mapping defined [RFC1494]
application/oda EBP - ODA [RFC1494]
application/octet-stream bilaterally-defined [RFC1494]
application/postscript EBP - mime-postscript-body [RFC1494]
image/g3fax g3-facsimile [RFC1494]
image/jpeg EBP - mime-jpeg-body [RFC1494]
image/gif EBP - mime-gif-body [RFC1494]
audio/basic no mapping defined [RFC1494]
video/mpeg no mapping defined [RFC1494]
Abbreviation: EBP - Extended Body Part
X.400 to MIME Table
Basic Body Parts
X.400 Basic Body Part MIME content-type Reference
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-
ia5-text text/plain;charset=us-ascii [RFC1494]
voice No Mapping Defined [RFC1494]
g3-facsimile image/g3fax [RFC1494]
g4-class1 no mapping defined [RFC1494]
teletex no mapping defined [RFC1494]
videotex no mapping defined [RFC1494]
encrypted no mapping defined [RFC1494]
bilaterally-defined application/octet-stream [RFC1494]
nationally-defined no mapping defined [RFC1494]
externally-defined See Extended Body Parts [RFC1494]
X.400 Extended Body Part MIME content-type Reference
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-
GeneralText text/plain;charset=iso-8859-x[RFC1494]
ODA application/oda [RFC1494]
mime-postscript-body application/postscript [RFC1494]
mime-jpeg-body image/jpeg [RFC1494]
mime-gif-body image/gif [RFC1494]
[MacMime] Work in Progress.
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