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<title>Payroll History</title>
<para>This screen displays a list of invoices for the employee. Generally these are
payroll or commission invoices. </para>
<para>NOTE:An employee payslip is the same as an OFBiz payroll invoice</para>
<para>The invoice life cycle from creation
through payment is done in the Accounting application.</para>
<para>Invoice ID - The distance identifier of the invoice. This
number can be used to find the invoice in the Accounting
<para>Invoice Type - Identifies the type of invoice. This will
typically be Payroll.</para>
<para>Invoice Date - Date the invoice was created.</para>
<para>Invoice Status - Status may be In-Processes (can be edited),
Approved (has been reviewed, can not be edited), Ready (post to GL),
Paid (post to GL)</para>
<para>Description - A user entered description of the
<para>From Party - The employee identified by the party id . The invoice is in effect from
the employee to the company.</para>
<para>To Party - The party the invoice is to. For payroll this will
typically by your company identified by the party id.</para>
<para>Total - Amount paid. For a payroll invoice this will typically
be less then the gross amount of the invoice due to deductions for
taxes and benefits etc</para>
<para>Outstanding Amount - Any unpaid amount due on the