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### How to Test ###
1. go to ecommerce website.
2. select product and add to cart.
3. at 3)How shall you pay?, Pay With iDEAL which show the consumers bank.
4. submit order.
### config ###
first of all, add the following jars to the /applications/accounting/lib directory:
remove the line : <exclude name="org/apache/ofbiz/accounting/thirdparty/ideal/**"/> from /accounting/build.xml
run ./ant
1. go to Accounting component
2. go to Payment Gateway Config, then click find
3. select iDEAL Payment Gateway (iDEAL Config)
4. fill in Update Payment Gateway Config iDEAL (Merchant Id, Merchant ReturnURL, etc.), then click Update
### Configuration Attributes for detailed information for activate ###
1. merchantID: The ID of the webshop, received by the acceptor during the registration process
2. merchantSubId: SubID of the webshop, default value = 0 (zero); only to be changed in consultation with the acquirer
3. merchantReturnURL: URL of the page in the webshop to which the consumer is redirected after an iDEAL transaction. This value can be overruled as necessary in the webshop implementation.
4. acquirerURL: URL of the acceptors acquirer; the following prescribed values apply to ING:
Test environment:
Production environment:
5. acquirerTimeout: Number of seconds (default = 10) of waiting time for a response from the iDEAL services. If no response is received during that time, an exception is displayed.
6. privateCert: Name of the acceptors organization as given during the creation of his or her own certificate. See section 0 for more information about the acceptors certificate.
7. acquirerKeyStoreFilename / acquirerKeyStorePassword: Keystore file and acquirers password
8. merchantKeyStoreFilename / merchantKeyStorePassword: Keystore file and merchants password
### Example iDEAL Configuration:###
You can config on