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  1. ffd3c35 Updated notification tag maxOccurs, as system allow multiple notification per service by Deepak Dixit · 10 days ago master
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  3. 6456cf5 Improved: It seems 17.12.02 never existed by Jacques Le Roux · 4 weeks ago
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  5. 33772b7 Updates DTDs on site by Jacques Le Roux · 9 weeks ago

##Update Site
If anyone is going to do any fixes - please do not just do any changes or fixes in the html page itself. It needs to be done in the php template, located under template/page, or template/region. Once you are done with changes please compile these file and generate html using following command ./php2html.sh

Changes to the common header or footer need to be done via head.tpl.php, header.tpl.php or footer.tpl under template/region. If change is done to the header or footer then regenerate all the html pages. Use the php2html.sh script to compile all the modified template files in one shoot.