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A hbase table named 'document' with column family 'f' is expected to exist. If not, below command from hbase shell will create the table
> create 'document', {NAME => 'f', BLOOMFILTER => 'ROW', VERSIONS => '1', IN_MEMORY => 'false', KEEP_DELETED_CELLS => 'FALSE', DATA_BLOCK_ENCODING => 'NONE', TTL => org.apache.hadoop.hbase.HConstants::FOREVER, COMPRESSION => 'NONE', MIN_VERSIONS => '0', BLOCKCACHE => 'true', BLOCKSIZE => '65536', REPLICATION_SCOPE => '0'}
> enable 'document'
By default, the expected table name is 'document' with only one column family 'f'. Table with multiple column-families can be used.
<table name="document" />
<!-- Simple mapping of fields created by Nutch IndexingFilters
to fields defined (and expected) in Hbase table.
Any fields in NutchDocument that match a name defined
in field/@source will be renamed to the corresponding
field/@dest. Additionally, column family and qualifier
can be defined optionally.
If no field/@family is defined or empty, "f" will be used
If no field/@qualifier is defined or empty, field/@dest will be used
Same rules applied for fields which are not defined below
To add other values in field/@family, the table must have the family present in schema
<field dest="content" source="content" family="f" qualifier="cnt"/>
<field dest="title" source="title" family="f" qualifier="t"/>
<field dest="host" source="host" family="f" qualifier="h"/>
<field dest="batchId" source="batchId" family="f" qualifier="ba"/>
<field dest="boost" source="boost" family="f" qualifier="bo"/>
<field dest="digest" source="digest" family="f" qualifier="d"/>
<field dest="tstamp" source="tstamp" family="f" qualifier="ts"/>
<!-- field name of NutchDocument used as row
This field must to be defined