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This plugin allows certain urls to be exempted when the external links are configured to be ignored. This is useful when focused crawl is setup but some resources like static files are linked from CDNs (external domains).

How to enable ?

Add urlfilter-ignoreexempt value to plugin.includes property


How to configure rules?

open conf/db-ignore-external-exemptions.txt and add the regex rules.

Format :

The format is same same as regex-urlfilter.txt. Each non-comment, non-blank line contains a regular expression prefixed by ‘+’ or ‘-’. The first matching pattern in the file determines whether a URL is exempted or ignored. If no pattern matches, the URL is ignored.

Example :

To exempt urls ending with image extensions, use this rule


Testing the Rules :

After enabling the plugin and adding your rules to conf/db-ignore-external-exemptions.txt, run:

bin/nutch plugin urlfilter-ignoreexempt org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.ignoreexempt.ExemptionUrlFilter

This should print true for urls which are accepted by configured rules.