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NPanday Features
Brett Porter
2 February 2010
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The following features available in NPanday.
* NPanday Visual Studio Add-in Features
[Maven Builds] Execute Maven directly from Visual Studio or run standalone from a build server.
[Dependency Management] Add references to the project by automatically obtaining them from a
shared Maven repository.
[Project Importer] Convenient way of converting an existing .NET Applications so that it can be
built using Maven outside VS, ready for Continuous Integration.
[Auto-Sync] Synchronization while developing the .NET Application for minimal interaction with
the POM (Project Object Model) file.
* NPanday Maven Integration Features
NPanday's Maven integration features support console, window and web based applications as listed below:
** C# & VB Project supported project types
* Windows Application
* Class Library
* Console Application
* Device Application
* Crystal Reports Application
* ASP.NET Web Application (also MVC)
* ASP.NET Web Service Application
* Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
* Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
* {{{./plugins/azure-maven-plugin/index.html}Azure Cloud Services and Worker/Web Roles}}
** Web Site supported project types
* ASP.Net Web Site
* ASP.NET Web Service
* NET Frameworks Supported
* .NET 2.0 / Visual Studio 2005
* .NET 3.5 / Visual Studio 2008
* .NET 4.0 / Visual Studio 2010
* .NET 4.5 / Visual Studio 2012
* .NET 4.5.1 / Visual Studio 2013
<<Note:>> There is partial support for Mono, .NET 1.1 and other vendors, but these are currently untested.
* Supported Directory Structures
Read about the {{{./guide/reference/supported-dir-structures.html}directory structures supported by NPanday}}.