1. b4e0416 NIFI-9228 Refactored tests using TemporaryKeyStoreBuilder by exceptionfactory · 8 hours ago main
  2. e78674e NIFI-9184 Refactored shared methods in Sensitive Property Providers by exceptionfactory · 3 weeks ago
  3. ba775d2 NIFI-9228 Refactored tests to use generated KeyStores by exceptionfactory · 22 hours ago
  4. 2e99883 NIFI-8966 - Confluent Schema Registry - get schema without subject/version by Pierre Villard · 8 weeks ago
  5. d70359d NIFI-6717 - Add Job ID in attributes for PutBigQueryBatch by Pierre Villard · 2 years ago
  6. d97bec6 NIFI-8941: Adding ENDPOINT_OVERRIDE to properties List of PutLambda. by ScottGiles · 9 weeks ago
  7. 1fdae08 NIFI-4692 Fix AttributesToJSON property docs to match functionality by Gabor Gyimesi · 5 weeks ago
  8. 50e60c8 NIFI-8087 Adds MessageGroupID and MessageDuplicationId to PutSNS by Alasdair Brown · 3 weeks ago
  9. 9dfcba2 NIFI-9179 Enabled system-tests workflow for selected modules by exceptionfactory · 7 days ago
  10. 1374f66 NIFI-8977 Add KerberosUserService to Solr processors by Bryan Bende · 4 days ago
  11. 6f87865 NIFI-9213 Upgraded Dependency Check Plugin to 6.3.1 by exceptionfactory · 8 days ago
  12. 3df2fff NIFI-8732: Adding a HashiCorp Vault K/V Stateless Param Provider by Joe Gresock · 7 weeks ago
  13. 229f459 NIFI-9203 Improve GrokReader to be able to handle complex grok expression properly. by Tamas Palfy · 12 days ago
  14. 1ab47ce NIFI-9212 Add timeout and quiet period for Netty shutdown by Paul Grey · 9 days ago
  15. 4af3fac NIFI-9217 - avoid deadlock on cluster operation (#5390) by greyp9 · 6 days ago
  16. bb638b1 NIFI-9216 Upgraded Derby to in nifi-hive-bundle by exceptionfactory · 8 days ago
  17. 73f88b3 NIFI-9061: Eliminated the nifi.cluster.node.protocol.threads property in favor of nifi.cluster.node.protocol.max.threads property so that we can properly scale out the number of threads used for HTTP request replication. Implementing a caching mechanism for creating the DateTimeFormatter used by TimeAdapter in order to improve performance when parsing timestamps in web requests. Implementing caching logic for caching the number of characters that can rendered without needing an ellipsis for some components in the UI (#5316) by markap14 · 8 days ago
  18. 38a1f47 NIFI-9055 Added handling for 0- read range to FetchS3Object (#5317) by Joey · 8 days ago
  19. 3fbd9c9 NIFI-9201 NullPointerException in AbstractKerberosUser if the tgt is not renewable (#5383) by denes · 8 days ago
  20. 5e2ec9b NIFI-9038: Fix fingerprinting group access control policies for Remote Port by Mohammed Nadeem · 6 weeks ago
  21. 6a55c6c NIFI-9081 Updated nifi-framework-api tests to JUnit 5 by Mike Thomsen · 4 weeks ago
  22. 977800b NIFI-9210 Upgraded jsoup from 1.8.3 to 1.14.2 by exceptionfactory · 12 days ago
  23. d96398f NIFI-9200: Free cache on heap after disabling AbstractCSVLookupService by Lehel Boér · 14 days ago
  24. 6e059ef NIFI-9204 Excluded spotbugs-annotations from accumulo-core (#5374) by exceptionfactory · 13 days ago
  25. 0a9a8aa NIFI-9071 - Update asciidoctor plugin by Paul Grey · 5 weeks ago
  26. 98e3b46 NIFI-8376: Gracefully handle SQL exceptions in ResultSetRecordSet by Matthew Burgess · 6 months ago
  27. cbc25aa NIFI-9197 - Improve AWS Surefire Run Time by Paul Grey · 2 weeks ago
  28. 6ce9919 NIFI-9197 - Improve AWS Surefire Run Time by Paul Grey · 2 weeks ago
  29. acb25c1 NIFI-9170 Upgrade commons-beanutils to 1.9.4 to mitigate CVE-2019-10086 by Mohammed Nadeem · 4 weeks ago
  30. 2c5cf8b NIFI-9141 Refactored nifi-provenance-provenance-bundle using JUnit 5 by exceptionfactory · 3 weeks ago
  31. f5a421c NIFI-9067 Upgraded JAXB Runtime from 2.3.0 to 2.3.5 by exceptionfactory · 5 weeks ago
  32. fa79571 NIFI-9066 Supporting flow file attributes in PutSplunkHTTP; Fixing endpoint assembly with extra query values by Bence Simon · 4 weeks ago
  33. 05adcbc NIFI-9181 Prevent unwanted test artifacts in Windows builds by Chris Sampson · 3 weeks ago
  34. d702506 NIFI-9148 Refactored nifi-scripting-bundle to use JUnit 5. by Mike Thomsen · 3 weeks ago
  35. 20804ff NIFI-8749 Removed implicit time zone conversion to GMT by exceptionfactory · 6 weeks ago
  36. dfa6592 NIFI-8749 Revert "Removed implicit time zone conversion to GMT" by Matthew Burgess · 3 weeks ago
  37. 758e185 NIFI-8749 Removed implicit time zone conversion to GMT by exceptionfactory · 6 weeks ago
  38. 2ab23ef NIFI-6616 Added GCP Sensitive Property Provider by Emilio Setiadarma · 9 weeks ago
  39. 59f0b6b NIFI-8739 Penalized flowfiles should be able to be polled from the queue in some cases (#5189) by Hsin-Ying Lee · 3 weeks ago
  40. 4a3e815 NIFI-8490: Adding inherited parameter contexts (#5072) by Joe Gresock · 3 weeks ago
  41. 60b08cc NIFI-9137 Refactored nifi-parquet-processors using JUnit 5 by exceptionfactory · 4 weeks ago
  42. d90ef06 NIFI-9017: Update Load Balanced Connection logic so that if a node connects to the cluster with a different load balancing hostname/port, it starts sending to the new endpoint instead of failing to send to the old endpoint (#5287) by markap14 · 4 weeks ago
  43. e436381 NIFI-8975 Integrate KerberosUserService into HBase processors/services by Bryan Bende · 5 weeks ago
  44. 4ccb2b6 NIFI-9049 Replaced localStorage with sessionStorage for Bearer Token by exceptionfactory · 4 weeks ago
  45. ed4d4d5 NIFI-9016 Added BCFKS KeyStoreKeyProvider examples to User Guide by exceptionfactory · 7 weeks ago
  46. ee7ca5d NIFI-9172 fix Currency/Concurrency user guide typo by theBestAndrew · 4 weeks ago
  47. 0cf0984 NIFI-9082 Add nifi.zookeeper.jute.maxbuffer property (#5335) by exceptionfactory · 4 weeks ago
  48. 7306214 NIFI-9076: hdfs operations in MoveHDFS wrapped in UGI.doAs() by Peter Gyori · 4 weeks ago
  49. aa5babb NIFI-9073 - Limit Surefire Output during Build by Paul Grey · 4 weeks ago
  50. 1d1b805 NIFI-9079: Set log level to WARN for Apache Atlas client logs (#5331) by Peter Turcsanyi · 4 weeks ago
  51. 9ebdd4b NIFI-8761 Enable not setting a value for Escape Character in CSVReade… (#5249) by timeabarna · 4 weeks ago
  52. a652280 NIFI-8766 Implemented RS512 Algorithm for JWT Signing by exceptionfactory · 8 weeks ago
  53. 9bcbf83 NIFI-8752: Automatic diagnostic at NiFi restart/stop by Lehel Boér · 3 months ago
  54. 388b79d NIFI-9054 Calling Nifi Registry's createExtensionBundleVersion REST endpoint will cause NullPointerException (#5309) by Róbert Kalmár · 5 weeks ago
  55. c2c3727 NIFI-9040 Add GitHub Workflow for System Tests (#5310) by exceptionfactory · 5 weeks ago
  56. 21c2fb9 NIFI-8973 Implement KerberosUserService API and keytab, password, and ticket cache implementations by Bryan Bende · 8 weeks ago
  57. fc1fa3f NIFI-9057 Manage concurrency for GitHub Workflow Runs by Paul Grey · 5 weeks ago
  58. 1ce897f NIFI-9059 Added Java 11 dependencies to Stateless Assembly (#5314) by exceptionfactory · 5 weeks ago
  59. c3ecf2f NIFI-9032 Refactoring HDFS processors in order to increase flexibility by Bence Simon · 5 weeks ago
  60. 714670b NIFI-6615 Added Azure Key Vault Key Sensitive Property Provider by Emilio Setiadarma · 6 weeks ago
  61. 4c6bd85 NIFI-9041 Replaced JUnit 4 only testing configuration with a combination of JUnit 5 and JUnit Vintage. by Mike Thomsen · 6 weeks ago
  62. fb4edfa NIFI-8950: Added ability to optionally use a file-system backed Content Repository for Stateless NiFi by Mark Payne · 8 weeks ago
  63. 5106197 NIFI-9018 When connection points to a moved port version change with … (#5286) by timeabarna · 6 weeks ago
  64. 5ff4974 NIFI-5936: Added DROP provenance event to MockProcessSession.remove() to match real impl by Matthew Burgess · 6 weeks ago
  65. 9a56d23 NIFI-9021: Add javax.servlet-api to MiNiFi assembly by Matthew Burgess · 7 weeks ago
  66. b34b5b8 NIFI-9037 Simplified GitHub Workflow Configuration by exceptionfactory · 7 weeks ago
  67. 77cf9a1 NIFI-8671 Create nifi-versioned-components module. (#5145) by tpalfy · 6 weeks ago
  68. f27cd01 NIFI-9035 Refactored isKeystoreValid() to avoid NullPointerException by exceptionfactory · 6 weeks ago
  69. 2e1f276 NIFI-8790 allow Expression Language for Index Operation in PutElasticsearchRecord by Chris Sampson · 10 weeks ago
  70. 8d2ced4 NIFI-9033: Defining Validators and default values for NifiStatelessConnectors' DATA_FLOW name. (#5296) by in-park · 6 weeks ago
  71. 34ab0d8 NIFI-8753: Expose flowfile repository implementation configuration by Mauro Riva · 3 months ago
  72. f57685e NIFI-8955 Add Max Connection Lifetime property to Hive(_1_1)ConnectionPool CS by Denes Arvay · 9 weeks ago
  73. 4623063 NIFI-8668 ConsumeAzureEventHub NiFi processors need to support storage SAS token authentication by Timea Barna · 4 months ago
  74. 0a827d6 NIFI-9025 Fixed reference in TestTailFile unit test by Paul Grey · 6 weeks ago
  75. bf52973 NIFI-8773: Implemented Line Start Pattern in TailFile by Mark Payne · 2 months ago
  76. 82bd72b NIFI-9002: Renaming Stateless' ParamaterProvider to ParameterValueProvider (#5282) by Joe Gresock · 7 weeks ago
  77. cc1e966 NIFI-8696: Added HashiCorp Vault KeyValue SPP by Joe Gresock · 8 weeks ago
  78. 787f16d NIFI-9013: Moved nifi-properties-loader and nifi-properties dependencies from data-provenance-utils to the repository where they are needed by Mark Payne · 7 weeks ago
  79. 47d5ae5 NIFI-8990: Downgrade Gremlin from 3.5.1 to 3.4.4 to support Graph DBs by Matthew Burgess · 7 weeks ago
  80. 4fa357e NIFI-5886: Add RPM profile for NiFi Toolkit by Yoshiaki Takahashi · 6 months ago
  81. 9bf3b55 NIFI-7947: Add directory deletion functionality in DeleteAzureDataLakeStorage by Lehel Boér · 3 months ago
  82. c273b02 NIFI-9008 Added Jetty modules to managed dependencies by exceptionfactory · 7 weeks ago
  83. f47603e NIFI-8957 NiFi Registry - Possibility to set a description when creating a bucket by Denes Arvay · 7 weeks ago
  84. 713f997 NIFI-8991: reduce Node.js requirement across modules to a single version by Mark Bean · 7 weeks ago
  85. 6139c51 NIFI-8951 - fixed scale vs precision reference in QueryDatabaseTable processors by Pierre Villard · 8 weeks ago
  86. a4375a0 NIFI-8990 Upgraded Groovy to 2.5.14 by exceptionfactory · 7 weeks ago
  87. a239eea NIFI-8996: Close JDBC statements in PutHive*QL processors. by Peter Turcsanyi · 7 weeks ago
  88. 633cdab NIFI-8964 Add Cluster Firewall Configuration to Admin Guide (#5264) by exceptionfactory · 7 weeks ago
  89. d93e9f1 NIFI-8986 Upgraded Commons Compress to 1.21 by exceptionfactory · 7 weeks ago
  90. 0497129 NIFI-8763 Hide some properties in CSVReader when built-in CSV Format is selected by Timea Barna · 8 weeks ago
  91. fb96590 NIFI-8987 Upgraded Tika to 1.27 and Graphics2d to 0.32 by exceptionfactory · 7 weeks ago
  92. ba7271c NIFI-8988 Upgraded SnakeYAML to 1.29 by exceptionfactory · 7 weeks ago
  93. 1ea47d6 NIFI-8965: Fix duplicate code and typo in StandardFlowManager by Mohammed Nadeem · 8 weeks ago
  94. 44f7a2f NIFI-8969: Fix Maximum Polling Time in CuratorLeaderElectionManager by Mohammed Nadeem · 7 weeks ago
  95. 3621a21 NIFI-8424 Removed SeeAlso references to service interfaces by exceptionfactory · 8 weeks ago
  96. 8c4c6ce NIFI-8952 Fixed logback.xml files BOOTSTRAP_FILE appender commentary by Kevin Silva · 8 weeks ago
  97. 5117fc0 NIFI-8785 Confluent Schema Registry REST client refactoring by Pierre Villard · 9 weeks ago
  98. a466e71 NIFI-8953: When Process Group's default flowfile expiration / backpressure threshold change, note that as a flow difference by Mark Payne · 8 weeks ago
  99. f539d98 NIFI-8956 Changed TestListenHTTP to expect IOException by exceptionfactory · 8 weeks ago
  100. 2daac57 NIFI-8695: Adding context to sensitive property providers by Joe Gresock · 2 months ago