NiFi Registry AWS extensions

This modules provides AWS related extensions for NiFi Registry.


  • AWS account credentials and an S3 bucket.

How to install

Enable AWS extensions at NiFi Registry build

The AWS extensions will be automatically included when you build NiFi Registry and will be installed at the ${NIFI_REG_HOME}/ext/aws directory.

If you wish to build NiFi Registry without including the AWS extensions, specify the skipAws system property:

cd nifi-registry
mvn clean install -DskipAws

Add AWS extensions to existing NiFi Registry

To add AWS extensions to an existing NiFi Registry, build the extension with the following command:

cd nifi-registry
mvn clean install -f nifi-registry-extensions/nifi-registry-aws

The extension zip will be created as nifi-registry-extensions/nifi-registry-aws/nifi-registry-aws-assembly/target/

Unzip the file into arbitrary directory so that NiFi Registry can use, such as ${NIFI_REG_HOME}/ext/aws. For example:

mkdir -p ${NIFI_REG_HOME}/ext/aws
unzip -d ${NIFI_REG_HOME}/ext/aws nifi-registry-extensions/nifi-registry-aws/nifi-registry-aws-assembly/target/

NiFi Registry Configuration

In order to use this extension, the following NiFi Registry files need to be configured.

The extension dir property will be automatically configured when building with the include-aws profile (i.e. when not specifying -DskipAws).

To manually specify the property when adding the AWS extensions to an existing NiFi registry, configure the following property:

# Specify AWS extension dir


Uncomment the extensionBundlePersistenceProvider for S3:

    <property name="Region">us-east-1</property>
    <property name="Bucket Name">my-bundles</property>
    <property name="Key Prefix"></property>
    <property name="Credentials Provider">DEFAULT_CHAIN</property>
    <property name="Access Key"></property>
    <property name="Secret Access Key"></property>
    <property name="Endpoint URL"></property>

NOTE: Remember to remove, or comment out, the FileSystemBundlePersistenceProvider since there can only be one defined.