Apache NiFi Registry

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Registry—a subproject of Apache NiFi—is a complementary application that provides a central location for storage and management of shared resources across one or more instances of NiFi and/or MiNiFi.

NOTICE: This subproject has been moved under the Apache NiFi codebase as nifi-registry. See NIFI-8528 for details

This repository is read-only and serves as an archive. All existing Pull Requests (PRs) should be resubmitted against the NiFi repository's main branch. Pull Requests can be ported to the NiFi repo by adding “.patch” to the URL of your PR, downloading the patch, and applying it to a branch in your fork of the NiFi repo, for example:

git checkout -b NIFIREG-406

git apply --directory='nifi-registry' ~/289.patch