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// Copyright (c) 2011-present, Facebook, Inc. All rights reserved.
// This source code is licensed under both the GPLv2 (found in the
// COPYING file in the root directory) and Apache 2.0 License
// (found in the LICENSE.Apache file in the root directory).
#include "utilities/blob_db/blob_db.h"
#include "util/coding.h"
namespace rocksdb {
namespace blob_db {
bool TTLExtractor::ExtractTTL(const Slice& /*key*/, const Slice& /*value*/,
uint64_t* /*ttl*/, std::string* /*new_value*/,
bool* /*value_changed*/) {
return false;
bool TTLExtractor::ExtractExpiration(const Slice& key, const Slice& value,
uint64_t now, uint64_t* expiration,
std::string* new_value,
bool* value_changed) {
uint64_t ttl;
bool has_ttl = ExtractTTL(key, value, &ttl, new_value, value_changed);
if (has_ttl) {
*expiration = now + ttl;
return has_ttl;
} // namespace blob_db
} // namespace rocksdb
#endif // ROCKSDB_LITE